Sunday, 10 January 2016

A Getaway from the city, within the city: From Urban Jurasic To Pharaoh's Tomb

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!!

It was a good day for a day out, despite the weather not being very friendly. It has been raining non-stop here in London. A gloomy winter it is this year. Nevertheless, we didn't let that destroy our spirit for a walk around the different parts of London.

This was at Clapham Junction Station. Congrats to us!!

I found out about this park from a blog that shared all these interesting, yet unknown places around London. Mostly are at zones 3 and above, so a bit far from the city centre.

The red arrow points to a ramp where they used it for people with wheelchairs. FYI

We took the Overground train from Shepherds Bush, change for a southern rail at Clapham Junction and finally stopped and arrived at Crystal Palace, our destination. Just when you exit the station, to your right is where the park is. 

It's huugeee!!! There's a map nearby so you can see where you are and where you would like to go to. The attraction of this park is the dinosaurs....muahahahaha!!

This park was built during the 1800th with all the dinosaur sculptures for entertainment and learning experiences. 

The first thing that you'll see is the mini farm. We can't go in since it's closed and the pathway is a bit too muddy, so I just took a picture of the farm animals from afar. You can see there's a few sheep and a pony.

There's this cute squirrel just sat on top of this pole. It didn't even flinched when we moved closer.

The first thing you'll see is this huge dinosaur head. 

You can even experience the audio guide where you only need to go to the website stated. 

As the rain started pouring, we continued walking around the park. It is such a beautiful scenery to enjoy. 

Loads of dinosaurs roaming around.

Don't forget to take pictures with these extinct creatures. 

This guy looked like he's holding a cane on his hand. =P

Within these magnificent view, you can see houses across the park and trains running by. How lovely it is to be living near a beautiful park.

But when you look the other way, it's like you're taken to a whole new world. 

You can find loads of useful information of dinosaurs around the park.

There are other creatures being displayed here as well.

Suddenly saw this 'tapir'. How did this came to England??

As I said, this park is huge. The dinosaurs are just a small part of it. There's still more to see. 

There's mooses too...

We came across a maze. It's said to be the biggest maze in UK!

It looked kind of like the secret garden.

This is the end (the middle) of the maze. There's an escape gate nearby if you do not wish to find your way out through the maze again. 

We used the escape gate to go in and out (cheating! haha...) because the path was blocked by puddles. It was quite deep so we didn't go through as we didn't want to spoil our shoes.

This is a dead end.

I'm lost!!!

After that, we continued our journey and stumbled upon a new decade.

This place looked like the ruins during the Victorian era.

Probably the gate of some old castle. 

Further up, again, some unexpected things to see. A sphinx. How did this get here?

These two sphinx are located at the top right corner of the park. Just above the gates from before. 

Walking along this huge pathway feels kind of like being in Pride and Prejudice. hehe...

This stairway probably leading towards the main door of the castle. Maybe

Not Kate Middleton. LOL

The whole view from below.

As it was about to get dark, we had to head back (to the lab).

Until next time...

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