Saturday, 1 August 2015

Billings Gate Market

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

It's the month of Ramadhan! Here in London, we fast for 19 hours!! Alhamdulillah, almost half of the month already pass, and we're are all fine and dandy. huhu...

This is my second time experiencing the month of Ramadhan in London during summer. It will surely teach you to be humble and emphathised with those who are less fortunate.

I have been craving for some seafood for a very long time since I've been here, because seafood is quite expensive. So when my friend asked me to go to Billings gate to buy some seafood, I didn't hesitate. Little that I know, we need to go there by 3am!!! 

The market open from 5am to 9am, Tuesday to Saturday. By 7am, usually most of the fresh seafood would be gone already.

Fajr prayer here is at 2.40am, so we went out around 3am and took the night bus. There were no public transport available accept for the night bus and 24 hour busses. We needed to change three busses to go to the market. The market is located near Canary Wharf, very near the tube and DLR station.

To be honest, London is kind of scary at 3am with all the drunks and crazies came out and about.

This place is actually very big. If you have a car, there's parking spaces available too.

When we arrived there, there were quite a lot of people. And of course, soooo many seafood to choose from!!! I was in cloud nine.

Just looking at all the seafood makes me happy. hahaha

Look at that beauty

Surprisingly, this place is super clean. There is a bit fishy smell (as you would expect), but not strong at all.

Our catch for the day...eye eye mate. Inside the big black bag is a salmon and sardines. 

Outside the market there's this unique traffic light tree. Who's green? Should we stop? Wait, what?!

The price of this big fillet salmon is £12. Woha! 

My aim is only to buy some crabs and squids which I love. My friend and bestie wanted some prawns, scallops and small fish too, so we bought them as well. All of the products are sold minimum 1kg. With such cheap prices. So we have to share. 

We bought two herring sardines for just £5! The price was actually for one box, but the fishmonger gave us two boxes..haha...lucky! Such a nice guy. 

Until next time...

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