Friday, 31 October 2014

Longlife Friends -BFFs-

Salam and good day peeps!!

Today I got the chance to meet my childhood besties. I had been friends with these two since kindergarten. We met at Taski ABIM Seri Serdang when we were 6 years old!! And we've been best friends since primary school until now.

From left: Syairah, Siti Sarah and me (Siti Aminah). The triple Ss. =D

We were inseparable all through school. Sarah got married this year on February (which I didn't get to go) and now living in Ipoh with her beloved hubby. She's now a lecturer at UTP. Syairah or as we call her, Sae is working as an engineer at Jalan Ampang. Both of them are engineers and I'm the only one in Bio field.

It has been 20 years we've been friends. OMG! I just realized that. We should've celebrated. huhu...

We went to meet at KLCC because it's near Sae's workplace. Lunch was on her. haha...thank you!!!

We have never been lovey dovey whith each other, it's not that kind of friendship and we're not that kind of people, but I do love these girls. They're very important to me. Hope this friendship remains forever and may we see each other in jannah.

Side story:

As we went to KLCC, I noticed the parking area have this...

Parking area for female only!!! And exclusively for female drivers WITHOUT passengers. They even have guards around this area. How cool is that! This made it safer for female being alone in basement parking.

For those who kept forgetting where they park in such a huge place (it happened to me before elsewhere), they provide these signs for you. Nice!

Until next time...

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Kuantan Trip

Salam and good day readers!

Last week, I went to Kuantan with two purpose which are to take pictures in the convo robes with important people and food hunting.

I studied at IIUM Kuantan Campus for 4 years for my bachelors degree in biomedical science. A lot of memories here.

I get to meet my lecturers, Dr. Deny that helped me a lot during my final year and gave me a heck of reference for my masters. Prof Ridzwan Hashim that taught physiology during the first years of my bachelor, and Dr. Linda. He is still as funny as before. I met my old comrade in arms, Solehah, Naimah, Fatimah (all already have babies), Mardhiah, Afiqah, Hazwani (my juniors), Farah Hazwani, Hanisuhana, Najat (my anak usrah), uncle from lot. 4 cafe, Bro. Zul and K. Mai (staff). I will always cherish these people because they filled colours to my life.

As for taking can tell for yourself through these...hehe

This was my faculty.

Reminiscing the lecture theater. There was a time it was so difficult for me to come here. it's hard to stay away.  

The mortar throwing sessions. wooop! (main auditorium, main stairs, dorm, mosque)

There were also many changes that weren't there before. 

The new accommodation. It's soooooo beautiful. I remember when I was in the student council, we fought for this for so many years. I hope the juniors have a better campus experience with the existence of this new building.

2nd is this thing. The soon to be university hospital. The building is starting to take shape, it'll finish soon. Expected to be in full operation by 2016. 

My second purpose going to Kuantan is to food hunt. There are 4 places that I wanted to go to the most which are...

Jungle food court to find the honey chicken and takoyaki...nyum3!!!

Seafood....because seafood in London is so expensive!

Tjantek art bistro

I'm really going to miss this place. 

There are still so many things that I feel I want to share, but it will fill up this post with a lot of things. 

Until next time...

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bye2 Griffon

Salam and good day readers!!

While I was in London, I stayed at a private studio house that accommodate for postgrad students from London top universities called Gradpad. Gradpad have 3 accommodations in three different locations which are Wood Lane Studios located at White City, Orient House located at Imperial Road and Griffon Studios which located at Clapham Junction.

I stayed at griffon Studios. My mother was the one that chose this place. The studio is located just in front of Clapham Junction train station. My mum chose this because you can take a direct train from Gatwick Airport to Clapham Junction. It is also just one bus to Imperial College London, South Kensington campus.

However, my campus is actually located at Hammersmith Hospital which is further. hahaha...but the commute thought me a lot about London transport which is cool also.

The studio is conveniently located in front of NHS.

My last day here, I felt very sad to leave. This place has it's own good and bad side. The best thing about it is comfort, security and facility. It's very hard to find such quality place that's value for money. The bad side of it is that it's expensive!! Mine is cheaper than my bestie that stayed at Wood Lane studio, but still...

My stay here had been awesome!!

To check out, all we had to do is clean up everything and make sure there's no trash left behind. If there is any trash left, we will be charged £40 which will be deducted from our deposit. Tenants also are encouraged to give away their used stuff that they wouldn't want to take with them where they can leave it at the refuse room. 

They will do an inspection after you've checked out to make sure there are no damage caused by the tenants. There were some issues with my kitchen wall that I couldn't clean it up due to the oil spatter while cooking. 

I was considered lucky that they only deducted £10.80 from my deposit. 

My bestie got charged £60 for her room. Wood Lane studios managed things differently. They will do the checkup when you check-out and they will immediately tell you how much they will deduct. The weird thing is, limescale on the shower door (which is super difficult to clean) will be considered as a deduction and default £30!!!! That's crazy expensive and so unreasonable. The tenants are all students for crying out loud. It's not like they are all rich. I'm so grateful Griffon Studios management is not that cold-hearted. 

I'm gonna miss this place. Just hope I got a good house next time too. 

Until next time...

Nasi Kukus MAMA

Salam and good day readers!!

One of my goals while I'm back in Malaysia is food hunting. Hahahaha...

The one that I've been looking forward to since I was in London is Nasi Kukus. You can find delicious, marvelous, mouth watering nasi kukus in Kuantan, Pahang. There's actually 2 places where you can find a good nasi kukus there. One of them is located at Jungle food court called Nasi Kukus Juna and the other one is Nasi Kukus MAMA.

When I was studying at IIUM Kuantan, Nasi Kukus MAMA was only located at a stall, renting at another restaurant. Nowadays, she opened almost 10 chain stores all over east coast.

They put their history on the boards inside the store which is pretty cool. 

The rice is wrapped like this. You have to pay first before you collect your order. they even have sets offered for one nasi kukus + one drink (iced tea/sunquick/sirap) for RM7.

This store is always packed with people especially during lunch hour. You can see people queuing all the time.

The nearest store to IIUM Kuantan is beside Sri Manja Hotel. 

I wish this store much success because of their well earned efforts. I will definitely be coming here again and again. Try it for yourself!

Until next time...

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Laundrybar Setiawangsa

Salam and good day peeps!!

The other day, my family and I went to my cousins' Laundrybar @ Setiawangsa. Just remembered...I never told cousins opened up a laundry self service store @ Setiawangsa while I was away.

The Laundrybar is self-service. They have washing machines capacity from 10 and 14kg. The dryer is super big. It's like industry size kind of big.

My niece, Zafirah always gets excited when we come here. She will run around the store (thank goodness it's spacious) and always wanted to put in the tokens.

Owh yeah...the machines are token operated. There's a token changing machine at the front entrance. 1 token = RM1. The machines costs differently according to size and water temperature, either cold, warm or hot. The detergent, softener and sterilizer dispensed from the machine directly, which is FREE!!!!

The store is super convenient because it is equipped with wifi...this super duper cozy massage chairs,

tv and vending machines. When we came there, my cousin was stocking up the vending machine, and I get to help. weehuuu!!! Never did that before. =P

Zafirah also wanted to help. haha...

So if you're ever in Setiawangsa or if you live nearby, drop by the Laundrybar.

Until next time...

Disclaimer: Some pictures were taken from my sis's blog.