Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cambridge Trip

Salam and good day everyone! My weekends have been so eventful lately, therefore, I have to keep updating my blog ASAP before the next even comes up.

Last weekend, a few friends of mine came from Sheffield and we planned a trip to Cambridge on Saturday. We took a train from King's Cross to Cambridge, which costs around £18 plus (I don't remember the exact amount). Do you know this place? A Harry Potter savvy would know. *wink*

One of the attractions at Kings Cross. Platform 9 3/4. During certain time, they will provide stuff on the trolley just like the one Harry has in the movie and you get to wear the scarf as in the movie as well. 

When we were there, there was no one, probably because it was too early in the morning for a weekend. Sometimes, they will play Harry Potter soundtracks here as well. (^_^)

Back to Cambridge, it took about an hour to get to Cambridge from London. Then at Cambridge, we took a hop-on-hop-off bus which costs £11 that took us to see the whole of Cambridge (sort off). But to get to the bus stop, we had to walk for a while. 

We passed through some amazing architectures like this church.

Such a nice and quiet village.

Happy faces to be in Cambridge

I just liked this sculpture. No particular reason.

I was hoping to meet Stephen Hawking who's the head of the research institute...(not this one though)

Everyone was so mesmerized by this flower. It was all over Cambridge. 

A friend asked me to take a picture of this department. The sculpture is nice though..

This is a museum

This is where we wait for our bus that will take us to see all of Cambridge

Not a lot of people on board. Maybe because it was cold. *burrr*

Beautiful view. Kind of reminds me of Spain a bit. 

Emma Watson performed here. They said there was one actor who failed here, but later turned out to be one of Hollywood biggest star. *Robbie Aird*

This is one of the colleges in Cambridge

You can read what this is. duh...

I just love the scenes with dandelions...they're just divine...

This is the farthest attraction in the tour route. We didn't get down though. There's nothing much to see. It's a graveyard basically

This is the river where all puntings take place. Punting is like row boating but instead of rowing, you use long sticks to manoeuvre the boats. Just like in Venice (without a guy singing) 

There's quite a few people here. 

We managed to get a good price for the punting tour which is £15 each. It's the same price of the self-hire punting where you have to manoeuvre on your own. 

While waiting for our turn

The guy in the circle is our punting guide...=D

It was such a lovely day to be outside on that day. We were so lucky that the sky is very clear.

We passed by loads of buildings which I didn't listen to the explanation by our guide. hehe...

The ducks also want to join in the fun

Breathtaking sceneries along the canal

If you use the self-hire punts, you can stop at the side and just lay around...so nice!

Of course there are swans here as well...

You can see how cozy we are under the blanket

So comfy that you can dozed off...=P

Mouldy building....still looks nice though.

We made a u-turn here to go back to the deck

It's sunny, yet chilly...that's UK

The ducklings were almost hit by the boats..

This is a library. There's no book at the ground floor. Guess why?

After that, we went to search for some food...our bellies are already making weird music on its own

Again with the purple flowers

We found this restaurant thanks to Mr. Google. It's a partly-Halal Chinese Restaurant. Why partly? Because only the chicken and beef is Halal.

A few of us ordered this...

And this...

I ordered this...Delicious! 

After lunch, we had to rush back because we had another tour planned that night in London.  

This park was near the bus stop. It's called Parker's Peace. All of their parks are called peace instead of park which means an open space. 

We managed to get back to the train station just in the nick of time

We didn't even had to wait for the train. Immediately get to board without any second wasted. it was such a fun trip. If I have the chance to study here one day, I'll be back! (^_^) v

I'll continue our tour that night in later posts.

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