Sunday, 1 June 2014

Go Ape and Chestnut Wildlife Centre

Salam and good day readers! It's been a while that I think my blog has spiderwebs in it. Hairy Spider hehe..

Anyway, last weekend I went on a trip with my friends to Peak District. It is such a beautiful place, it's a must see destination in the UK. 

This is just a preview of the village. I'll show you more in later posts.

At first we planned to stay in of their cottage houses. But that weekend was bank holiday, which means all of the accommodation had sold out for months in advance. Months!! Luckily, our friends in Sheffield are just less than an hour drive away. Weee~~~

We rented a car for two days. For those above 25 can rent an MPV that can fit 6 and above passengers. So the first thing that we did is, fetch our car. It's fairly easy, all you need is your licence. Doesn't even has to be an international licence if you just have been in the UK within a year.

The car costs £175 plus £30 booking fee. It's a MANUAL car. We booked from 10am on Saturday to 10am on Monday. The booking is just like when you book for trains or buses, the price is depending on the time. Certain time the price will be cheap, certain time will be very expensive. 

See how macho the driver is? ngehehe...

So then we head out to peak district. The weather forecast told us that it was going to be raining the whole weekend, but we didn't care. The show must go on!

The first place that we went to is The Chestnut Wildlife Center (we chose to come here the night before). We passed through some great sceneries to come here. At this place, we were hoping to see some cute chestnut animals like rabbits, hedgehog, otters, badgers, deers, chipmunks....etc..etc..The entrance costs £7.75 per person.

But as I said earlier, it was raining. So the trip turned out to be a great photoshoot instead.

This was put at the entrance.

We did managed to see some animals though. It wasn't totally hopeless. We saw some owls and otters (because they were in cages). Rare type flowers and plants (I wasn't that much interested in them).

Hedwig!! Harry potter buff would agree..=D

These otters are super cute though.

If I were to transcribed what  we were saying in the video, it'll be super hilarious! LOL

The we saw a group of deers!! They're not that tame, but we managed to get close to a few and pet them! weehuu...

Hello Bambi...=D

You can see how badly drenched I looked.

After that, we dried ourselves at the gift shop. One of a kind souvenir using a penny and £1. A machine made souvenir!! Extraordinary.

After performing our prayer, we head off to our next destination which is Go Ape! I found this place on the web while browsing about the things to do here at Peak District. It looked very interesting on the video they posted. 

It costs £30 for adults (or gorillas as the go appers call it..;-P). You have to make bookings earlier to reserve your slot. We didn't get a lot of pictures during the tree top adventure because I couldn't take my camera with me for safety purposes. Unless you have a gopro with you. =P

Because we were soaked by the rain before, we bought a raincoat at the souvenir shop. All of us looked like Oompa-Loompa in them. gagagaga....

                                    The old version                                                              2014 version!!

The place was beside a farm. So you can hear the mbeekkk...all the way up in the trees..

The most difficult and challenging part would be this....The last Tarzan Swing. It may not sound as bad, initially swing, you feel like you're dropping from a 2 storey high building. After that, you need to pull yourself up through the rope web (which again doesn't sound that bad). But imagine that you're already very tired, your arms can barely move because of the previous challenges that you had to go through. Observe...

The only proof that we got on top. 

Safe landing!

Happy to complete the course...finally!!

After completing all the tree top challenges, they gave each of us a certificate of completion! yeehaa!!

The tired, but accomplished faces. yosh!

Photo shoot afterwards.

Selfie is a must!

More photo session afterwards...We went to the place where the earth split (something like that). We passed through this trench earlier and determined to come here just to take pictures. Because it looks amazing!!

Not this one...although it's nice as well

Almost there...

Get the sheep out of the way...


Self picture is a long form of...


More album cover shots

The point of this picture, is for you to stop looking at us. hahaha

I know you're tired of these pictures, but be sure to look at this next one...

Daring sheeps. Maybe they have a saying, the higher you go, the better the grass?

Last but not least, a science question. What do you get when you stream light through water/precipitate?

You get...


A close up version. The best ending to our journey. Subhanallah!

When we arrived home, shower...then bedtime!

I'll continue the next day in another post. Too tired to continue.

Until next time... 

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