Thursday, 16 January 2014

First Day of School ^_^

Salam and good day!

Don't let the title fool you. It's actually my first day going to Imperial College, South Kensington Campus. As I said in previous post, my campus is located at Hammersmith Hospital. But, on this particular day, I went to South Ken to browse around and retrieve a letter confirming my registration to give to the bank.

FYI, to open a bank account here, if you came under a student visa, the bank requires you to provide a confirmation letter from the university that you attend to. So that's what I intended to do.

This is South Kensington Tube Station. You can come here either by tube or by bus. Usually I'll go by bus 'coz it's cheaper and more convenient from my place.

I went with my new friends whom I met during a mixer held by Griffon Studios the night before.
That's me, K.Zada (PhD in Engineering), Yasminah (MSc in Business) and Elena (PhD in Maths)

This uncle is one of a usual street performer here. If you come here, you will surely see him.
This is the way to South Ken campus from the museum side. Along the road towards the campus there are many museums such as the Natural History Museum, Arts Museum and Science Museum.

See the pink ice cream truck? If you use Google map 3D, You can see the truck! Don't believe me, look for yourself. I found the truck when I used Google maps before coming here.

When we arrived, we didn't know that they would held a welcoming event for all the International Student.
So...we just attend...
A lot of internationals aren't there? We make up of more than 50% of total number of students.
 After the whole welcoming thingy we went to the cafe area because there are booths being opened as an intro for all new students. We've managed to register with NHS and open a bank account all in one place.
 They even have free and merchandises!!!

My favourite is this one:
 It's a 'tabung', for all those who didn't get the hint. Haha...time to save some money.
That somewhat wrapped up the whole day.  I started my first class the week after that. Will tell you more about my campus in other post.
Until then, I bid you farewell.


YanaUjang said...

sudu garfu tu comelss!! bwk balik tuk zafirah! hahaha

Siti Aminah Muhammad Imran said...

xleh!! tu adek punye.....=P