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Lake District - Tarn Hows and Coniston Lakes

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

Last Monday was the last bank holiday of the year. So naturally, my friends and I planned to go for a trip somewhere. It was initially either to Snowdonia or Lake District. But because going to Snowdonia is more difficult, we decided to go to Lake District instead.

We took a train from London Euston station to Manchester and drove from there to the Lakes. My friend had booked a cottage for us located at the south of Lake District. The journey took about 5 hours in total including getting lost..=P

We arrived at the cottage just before 5pm. The cottage that my friend booked was absolutely gorgeous! 

The review of the cottage can be found here

As we arrived, we just put our bags, performed Zuhr and Asr prayer and immediately head out before the sun went down.

We just drove around nearby areas. At first we thought to search for the beach, because according to the map, it's not that far from there. We explored until Foxfield to find the beach, but we were dissapointed to find very little water seeing that it was the 'estuary' (is that right? in malay is called kuala). 

*pictures will be posted later when my friend gave them to me.

There was even a very old train station there. These types of train stops can only be found in the village and rural areas. 

The train even need to be stopped by waving or gesturing to the driver, kind of like a bus. That's what it means by stop by request.

Then we went to a town nearby. There were a lot of tourists here. Most of the stores, including the tourist information centre are closed, except for the pubs, of course.

After that, we drove someplace near our accommodation. There were beautiful sceneries along the way, so we decided to stop and explore. 

We walked a bit towards the empty field and found this breathtaking view!

As per usual, those who love to pose, will pose..hahaha

K. Zada and her many...many poses. LOL

My bestie also doesn't want to miss the chance.

Group pic is a must!! We just fell in love with the sunset view. 

After draining all our energy for the day, we went back to our cottage to plan for the next day. The adventure awaits!!

The plan was, we went to the nearest lake which is Coniston Water. We were supposed to park on the right side of the lake, take a hike to the top of a hill nearby to get a great view of the lake. However, we missed the turn and make a stop on the left side of the lake instead.

sail boats...if only I could..

nice view eh?

We still went for a hike a bit..


We heaved and pushed our limits to climb up...

Success!!! When in truth the height of tree is like this...

hahahaha...still a nice view though

After that, we decided to drive further north to find the north part of the lake

We stumbled upon this viewing area parking. However, this car park is only for disabled car. Even disabled people are provided with a place where they can have an amazing view of the lake. You can walk further in to see the lake from above.

We didn't stay long because there's no parking space, so we drove to a place called Tarn Hows.

There's a huge parking space for £4 for 6 hours! We luckily found a space very near to the road for a hike, in front of this cute bird feed.

There's actually a small lake very near the parking space.

We were going to walk around the lake, when a friend of mine found a path with a river!!!

Of course we would go through this path. The path around the lake is way too easy...haha..

This is a true hike.

It's been a while since I've been in a hike like this.

Little that we know, this path actually leading to here...

jeng jeng jeng....a waterfall!!!!

I was sooooo excited! I really wanted to jump in, badly. But none of us brought any extra clothing along.

Well, we didn't care. The water was too good to resist!

We got wet, but we figured it'll get dry by the time we walked back.

After being satisfied with getting soaked, we continue our walk to find a place for a picnic.

This quaint location is just perfect for a picnic. We recharged our energy here before continuing our journey.

The path is still a bit far before we finally found the end

This bridge marks the end of our path

We decided to go round the other way to go back to the lake because during our walk from the lake through the waterfall, we found the path was quite steep.

Little that we know, the other way (although not so tough), was just as steep. Heave..heave...heave...

Further up we go. We needed to be careful of oncoming cars because the road was narrow.

Look at that view. The purple colour on top of the hill is from flowers. It's gorgeous!!

I took a picture of this sheep because the colour is weird. The colour is rare but commonly found here in Lake District. There's a actually a lot of sheep that look like this. The tail is long too.

After dripping sweats off our brow, this is what nature serves for us.

On top of the hill, we found these....

We rested a while to enjoy this magnificent view

How amazing is this!

Just beside the top of the hill, is actually where we started from.

Where's the livestock? hahaha..

This time, we wanted to go around the lake before heading back because we still have time in the parking meter. 

Feeling serene surrounded with all the nature

How can you resist not having a photoshoot at a place like this? =P

Thinking about the future...

This dog were with this elder couple. My bestie were shocked to see the dog, and the dog got startled when she jumped. was such a funny scene.

These trees were huge, I just had to do this. =P

Along the way, we saw this weird tree. At first I thought they were parasits, but when I look closely

They're actually coins! Loads of them!! People stuck it on to the trees. Don't ask me, I have no clue.

A lot of people here came with their families, kids and all. This little cutie walked the whole way. It was quite far too. It's amazing how they trained their kids to be one with nature. Some kids I know, couldn't even walk in the mall. This kid didn't even whine once. He even chatted the whole way and asked a whole bunch of questions. 

I miss the peacefulness of this place. After a tiring but worthy day, we head back for a shower and a good rest. 

To be continued...

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