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Spring Cottage Grizebeck Review

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

Before I share about my experiences at the beautiful Lake District (before I gather all the pictures, to be precise), let me give a review of the place that we stayed at for the whole 4 days and 3 nights. 

My friend was the one responsible of finding this adorable place. The location of the cottage is at the Grizebeck. This is the address: 1 Spring Gardens, Grizebeck, Kirkby-in-furness, Cumbria LA17 7XJ. The cottage is located beside a petrol station (which is very good if you are in a remote place) and just in front of The Greyhound Hotel and Restaurant.

In front of the cottage there's this serene garden and a small river.

You can pick the herbs they have in the garden. There's rosemary, thyme and many more!

These beautiful daisies fill the corner of the river. They were as huge as your palms.

Now, let's enter the house...

Just like an Asian house, you are required to take off your shoes here. There's a shoe rack provided. The owner also left two huge umbrellas for the tenants to use just in case the weather wasn't friendly.

The living room. 

Because this cottage is a getaway from the city, there's a fireplace where you can light your own fire and have a toasty night chatting and bonding with family or friends.

The dining hall. Just enough for four. Through the door is the backyard where the shed that stored extra logs (in case you ran out) and trash bins. There's wires hanging outside for you to dry your clothes as well.

Through the left is the kitchen.

The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you might need for a home cooked meal. There's electric kettle, pots and pans, dishware, microwave and an oven. The owner also provide some salt and pepper, tea, coffee and sugar. There's also a carton of milk and a bottle of champagne in the fridge (which of course we didn't drink..duh~) 

If you want to feel more like Martha Stewart, here's an apron to finish the ensemble. =P

Now the upstairs area...

The master bedroom. Equipped with a double bed, a the nook

There's also a cupboard that's filled with hangers, airers, an iron and the board.

So you don't have to bring your own iron like we did. 

The other bedroom is a twin bed with a dresser. Suitable for children too. The best part of this room is...

the skylight window. You can watch the stars while dozing off. And definitely the bright morning sun will wake you straight out of bed.

The last but most important part of this cottage is the bathroom. It has a huge tub provided with 3 different kinds of towels (body, face, hand). They usually provide bath soaps as well, but they ran out. However, they did leave an apology note which will make you forget about it straight away.

This bathroom is super huge! You can fit another two tubs in that empty area. However, if it's in the winter, you will definitely feel the frost bite immediately after stepping our of the tub. 

Although this place has been refurbished to look like a 5 star hotel, some things are left untouched like this lock here. Now that's old school. 

This place definitely serve a 5 star hotel quality service. The towels are soft and thick, the pillows are plumped and the duvets are warm and soft. However, the rate is not bad at all. It's only for £90 per night, £100 during peak days. So if you go with 4 friends, you can divide it to 4. 

Other than my stay at Amsterdam, this makes the list as well! This is the link for the house if anybody's interested. 

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