Saturday, 5 December 2015

Another big news + Trick or treat run + Daddy's visit

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!!

This'll be a 3 in 1 entry. huhu...sorry it took so long to update.
This post had been postponed for so long, this isn't a new and hot news anymore. My sister recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on the 26th of October. 

It's been a long time since this family had a boy, the last was my cousin who is already 18 yo. My other cousin recently gave birth to a baby boy too, just a few months before. It's the year of boys I guess in my family. huhu...

I won't be able to meet and play with this little baby until he's 4...tsk..tsk..

Anyway...on a different note, during the weekend after Halloween, my bestie and I went for a run at Richmond Park. Richmond Park is a beautiful and huge park where you can actually see and be close to a lot of deers. It's highly known for it.

Yup. This is the type of pictures that you'll get in Richmond Park. 

The event said to start at 10am. We were a bit late, but when we arrive only to find out that our session (the 2km run) will only start at 11.40am. Fuh...lucky!

First we went to register because my bestie didn't receive her runner's package (it includes bag tags and the runner's number). There weren't a lot of people registering anymore because the 10km run had already started. 

The 10km and 5km run are the most exciting one because it'll go around half of the park and they had set up these great horrifying obstacles that the runners had to go through. 

There were zombies...

Dark tunnel

The pumpkin zone signifies the halfway point. 

Due to my asthma, my bestie and I only signed up for the 2km run. You could see that this run are mostly children and families with little kids. Even during the 10km run there were a bunch of kids. We felt a little matter. A run is a run.

These kids were so quick though 


 It took us 20 minutes to finish the whole course. Even that took a lot of my energy. I felt like fainting most of the time.
The day of the event, there were heavy fog, it just adds up to the halloween effect. So we couldn't see any deers roaming nearby. 

At the finish line, the runners can choose to go through the trick or treat gate. 

My bestie flipped a coin to decide which one will go through which gate. I got the trick. The treat is fairly straight forwards, they'll give you treats at the end..of course. The trick however, you have to pick these coins from a tub of green goo....uuuuuuu

After that, they'll sanitize you before you go out to get rid of all the's basically sprinkled water. =P
Those who went through the trick gate will get their tricks too...they'll hand out the medals on the way out as well. 

This is definitely a great experience. We had a great fun especially seeing all those different costumes. 

I hope we can enter a next running event. But surely have to do a little bit of training beforehand. 
Met this cute little pony on our way out of the park. Outside the park was actually a stable. This little cutie is called Snow White. She's gorgeous, and that girl right there is her owner.  
Later on that week, my dad came to visit. He had a conference in Vienna so he thought to drop by for a couple of days. Vienna to London took about an hour and a half by flight, and the flight tix were quite decent too.
The day that he arrived, I took him for a surprise. My dad has always been a Liverpool fan since he studied in Liverpool during his undergrad more than 20 years ago. So I bought tickets to meet the team legends which happened to be when he was in London. Lucky!!
Three huge legends came to the event ( John Aldridge, John Barnes, Ian Rush)
He said he had a blast and that it was great seeing those guys again up close and personal. Sadly there were no signing or photography session, so we didn't get a chance to meet them personally. Though, this was close enough.
Usually when someone come here, of course there'll be a lot of orders from back home. Especially when my cuz is getting married (he's actually married now already). So my aunt wanted us to buy Clarks shoes for him to wear during his wedding. The cheap and near place to go of course to London Outlet Centre at Wembley.
When we arrived, there were a lot of people, so we were wondering what exactly is going on. Then I saw this.
It's the BBC Teen Awards!! My bestie even googled who would be there, some of the celebrities said to come are One Direction, Taylor Swift, JB and much more. Everytime there's a celebrity walked by the red carpet, the teens would scream their lungs out. We could only get a glimpse of what's going on.

The next day, my dad heads back to KL. It seemed too soon. Come again daddy please!!
I'm smiling but felt like crying inside...wuhuhu...
Until next time...

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