Sunday, 13 December 2015

Post ESA: A Night Out!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!!

Alhamdulillah, this week, both my bestie and I officially upgraded to PhD!! Wuuhuuuu!!!! For those who don't know, in Imperial College (I presume a lot of unis are the same), as you enroll, your title would be mPhil. After 9months, there'll be a first assessment (ESA=Early Stage Assessment). Some unis call it as proposal defense, or maybe something else entirely. Alhamdulillah, both of us managed to pass this stage. So we thought to go out and celebrate.

Because Saturday I had to go to the lab (yes I know..even on weekends) and today, a friend was kind enough to help and look after my 'babies', we decided to go out. 

We first went to Westminster, solely for this purpose. hahahaha...I'm helping to advertise those that sell these cookies. They're too good that you have to stay away! Or else you'll surely get hooked. Everytime there's someone coming to London, we would ask them to bring some. You have my permission to use this pic for your adverts. huhu...I'm a happy customer. I kept myself from eating this just so that I could get this pics.

Of course we need to take photos of ourselves too. Not tired of it at all...not one bit. =P

A satisfied and happy customer!

After that, we went to Leidenhall Market. 

It's located near Monument tube station. Just a 5 minute walk. 

This market is gorgeous.

These building has been here since the 14th century. 

There are various vendors here. 

Because it's Christmas. There were actually a different purpose that we came here.

We searched...

...and searched...

Until we got dizzy

Finally we found it!!! You don't know the significant of this place?

Do you know now? hahaha...Potterheads must know this! The Leaky Cauldron anyone?

I love the lights at this market.

I forgot to take this angle though...sigh..this guy made it.

After that, we wanted to go to the Christmas Market nearby which located alongside Thames River from London Bridge to Tower Bridge. 

London Bridge: famous for Jack the Ripper. You should try the London Bridge Tomb experience. Not for the faint hearts. Ira...what's behind you~~

Tadaa...the market. Just the sign..duh~

Information, if you need them, even if you can't really read them. =P

Picture first before you step on it.

The market is quite scattered. This is a small part of the market. We stood and watched a magic show. No particular reason, just to entertain ourselves. The guy was amazing! There's halal food here, so don't worry of getting hungry. I saw two stalls selling halal food, but wraps, there's rice and falafel, of course. To keep warm, you can buy some hot chocolate too. 

After maghrib prayer at the St. Thomas Hospital, we walked to Waterloo to go to Chinatown. This scene never cease to amaze me. Love it!

We went to Chinatown just to fill our cravings of chatime. hahaha...Met some new people, talked and shared some stuff, then bought 100plus at the oriental shop, and went home. 

That's about it from our night out. There were a few other places that we went to, but I'm too tired already to type. Until next time...

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