Thursday, 24 March 2016

A Tough Week

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!!

Disclaimer: This post will be wordy and lengthy. 

The beginning

Last couple of days had been so eventful, tiring, stressful all balled up into one. The story begins when my bestie and I decided to move out of our current house. We have been living in that house for more than a year, we love it so much. It's such a beautiful, gorgeous and comfy house, you couldn't ask for more. But, we can no longer afford it because we want to save more money. We need to think about the future and all, being the state as it is right now in Malaysia. You can see our current house here, we are looking for short term lets during spring before we move out. Just email me or my friend.

First good news

So one day, I was in the office late at night (on the 13th March) and suddenly thought to just browse for houses in zoopla (a website of housing listings). To my surprise, there was this modern looking flat, very near our school and within our budget. It was listed on that same day, which is rare because houses here in London goes out faster than hotcakes. I thought we were so lucky to have seen that, and immediately got in touch with the agency. It was Sunday, so of course they won't reply until the next day. But because we were in a hurry to find a house, we just went to their office the first thing in the morning. It's a good thing it was just on the way to our school, which was convenient. We arranged for a viewing the next day.

Things got messy

To make the story short, we paid the holding fee immediately after we made our offer to the landlord. However, a few days ago, the agent called and said we didn't get the house because the landlord preferred the other people that made the same offer. I was so devastated and worried because we already given notice to our current landlord. The thought of being homeless crossed my mind. My bestie and I immediately sat down and looked for an available house together and called the agents that same day. The agent felt so sorry for us that he insisted to show us another house (which is near to the current house). We just went along to see what he has to offer, eventhough we were not so keen on living at the same distance from the hospital. The flat that he showed was gorgeous though, so we said we'll give an answer on the next day.

We got lucky again

On another note, we managed to find this gorgeous one bedroom flat which is 5 minutes walk from the hospital, managed by Foxtons. I called up and the agent named Jordan picked up. He was so awesomely nice and engaging, it was such a blast to talk to him. He asked about the criteria that we were looking for and he wanted to show us various choices of available flats that fits what we wanted, and of course the house that we were interested in. He booked us an appointment for viewing the next day which is great.

A busy day

The day we booked for the viewing (22nd March), my bestie managed to book another viewing with another agent for a nearby flat as well. In the morning, I had to invigilate exams in Charing Cross Hospital until noon which was a hastle because the first viewing that we have was at 2pm. After that first viewing, we went back to freshen up and out again to go to Foxtons office at Shepherds Bush Green.

My bestie and I went separately because she went to fetch some documents from the office. As I arrived at the office, the reception offered if I wanted a drink while waiting, and of course I didn't refused because I was parched.

Jordan took us first to the house that we were interested in with his car, which was very near the hospital.We fell in love with it once we stepped foot at the house. The only downside is that we needed to go up the stairs and the loo is separate with the bathroom. That's it. We still went to the other property that he wanted to show us, but we'd already set our mind. We went back to the office and signed the holding deposit payment. He said, they'll discuss with the landlord regarding our offer and get back to us next morning since it was already almost 8pm, quite late for them to be calling the landlord. We did offered for a lower price on the flat, but we couldn't go so low. So far, they've not let me down in terms of getting in touch. Jordan had called me various times even just to say he'll call me later for another thing that he wanted to discuss about, or to confirm about our appointment. So I put my faith in him and waited patiently for tomorrow.

The BIG Day

24th March, today was supposed to be the day we received the decision of the landlord whether they wanted us as their tenants, and we were supposed to give an answer to the other agents about the houses we viewed before that as well. We were waiting at the edge of our seats for the phone to rang.

When it finally did, Jordan only called to say they're still on the case, discussing with the landlord, but he'll call me as soon as he gets an answer, and hopefully the next call from him will be a good one. It was!! He called again for the good news and said the landlord agreed with our offer (which is cheaper than the stated price online),  and we only need to sign the agreement and pay the security deposit.

This was by far the quickest and easiest deal that I've dealt with ever! It was so pleasant, and easy. Jordan was amazing until the end as well. It made us feel at ease with everything.

Celebration time!

After all has been set and done, we went to the lab to work. After that, we decided to let off some steam and celebrate what we've accomplished at Westfield. There were this Samsung Galaxy S7 edge exhibition in the centre point. They have this 4D rides where you can ride for free!!! You just need to get a ticket from the front desk, get three stickers from each 'counter' while listening to them explaining about the phone (it was already late so the staff don't even bother because they know people just want to be on the ride). Then, it's game on!! There were total of 4 rides. There were surfing, skiing, and two more. The large one we didn't get to ride because we just missed the last session. But we went on the other rides and it was awesome!!! Their 4D goggles uses the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone like on the picture below. Cool right?

With the ticket, you are eligible to get a free coffee and a picture taken in the dark room (showing the phone's camera quality even in pitch black darkness. We have props to choose and voila!

The staff uploaded it on my bestie's ig immediately afterwards, and even gave us each printed versions of it. Cool right?

If we have time tomorrow, we're gonna try the larger ride because I am so intrigued with all the yelling, and screaming. It must be thrilling!!! haha...

Until next time...

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