Sunday, 7 December 2014

Farewell K. Syeril

Salam and good day readers!

K. Syeril was my senior during my undergrad at IIUM. She was a nursing student. The other day, another senior of mine (K.Syeril's close friend) invited me to send her off at KLIA because she's going to Riyadh to serve as a nurse there.

These were the pretty ladies that I came with to KLIA. At the left is K. Syeril's mother. She still looks very young right? huhu...

The one holding the kid is K.Syeril with her daughter Sarah. She's going to Riyadh with 6 other nurses. We waited until she checked in her bags which was until about 12am. 

After that we head back. Bon Voyage K.Syeril...May Allah ease you in all your endeavors.

Until next time..

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