Friday, 15 April 2016

Room 77, Florence Review

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

During my visit to Florence, we had to book a last minute accommodation since our plans were changed. I found Room 77 from The price per night for a room that can accommodate 4 people is only £32 per night!!! 


The room is located at via San Gallo (San Gallo street), just about 15 minutes walk from the train station.  


The door is huge, so you won't miss it.


You'll see the door bell and number at the front. 


Just ring the bell for room 77 (it wasn't very clear when we arrive, so we accidentally rang another bnb at the same building) and someone will buzz the door open for you.  


The roof in this building is and old school type of lift where you need to open and close the door yourself.

Forgive the over-excitement in my voice. =P

From the front door, it didn't really tell which floor is the room. So when we arrive, we just tried all the floors to find the room, but because some of them don't have labels in front, so we couldn't really tell. We went to the top floor and just rang some random door, which turned out to be a private house. It's a good thing they were nice and told us to go to the right floor.

As I said earlier, there's actually another bnb in the building. In the end, I just called the number gave and the owner told us where to go, we finally made it to the right floor.

This place actually have a lot of rooms to choose from. They even have reception that opens 24/7. The guy that greeted us, named Muhammad was very nice and friendly. At first he accidentally gave us a different room, which can accommodate 4 people as well, but with 4 single beds.

He first gave us the room on the right.

When he realized his mistake, we were changed to the correct room immediately (I was able to use their toilet before we had to move though. hahaha)

So this is our room. Our room has one large double bed.

And two single beds.

It's equipped with wardrobes, complete with hangers.

The rooms have en-suite shower and toilet. Some of their room don't have en-suite bathrooms, so you need to make sure before booking.

There's even a bidet (on the left), which was super convenient for us muslims. Almost all of our accommodation in Italy (except Venice) have bidets in their toilets.

There's even a safe, but it's located inside the toilet. Maybe it's a safety feature. huhu...

The toilet's lamp is motion sensitive, so you'll see a motion sensor on top (rest assure, it's NOT a camera). It's a bit difficult when you're in the shower and the lights suddenly turned off, then you'll have to get out,  move about in front of the sensor just to turn on the lights. This did happen to some of us. Not me though. lol


This is the view from our room. Gorgeous right? The terrace in front has a beautiful garden. In the morning, it was so nice to wake up to the sounds of birds and fresh breeze. 

The flat  is very near to most of the attractions. Just 5 minutes walking to Piazza San Marco and a few minutes more to the Duomo. I would really suggest this place if you are ever in Florence. 

The owner is muslim and super nice. After we checked out, he let us leave our luggage until we want to get back around 5pm. He even let us perform our prayer in an empty room. 

This flat is very-very new. It was just open for business a few weeks before we arrive in Italy. We were lucky to have found them. 

The only bad side during our stay was the people in the next room which was crazy loud until 1am. It wasn't the establishment's fault though. We did pay back by waking up early and make a racket. hahaha...

So if you want to search for this place, just go to and search Room 77. I give this place a 10 out of 10.  

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