Thursday, 4 August 2016

Around UK in 7 Days: Swansea

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

So after Liverpool, we continued our journey along the west-coast of UK, towards Wales. As you might remember, my parents studied their undergrad in Liverpool. However, my mum did her A-level at Swansea. 

My mum came from a modest family, and she's the youngest girl, with loads of sickness like me. So it was naturally difficult for my late grandparents to let her go. But being a rebel as she is now, she managed to go with their blessings.

Swansea is located at South Wales, around an hour or so from Cardiff. I've never been to Wales before, so I was definitely looking forward for it. Especially after listening to my mum's stories of how it used to be back then.

My mum had booked a house near Ammanford, which is about 20 minutes from Swansea. We used Google maps to search for the address, but then it lead us somewhere else. As we arrived to the wrong place, there were no connection. I was driving, so I decided to just drove to the Ammanford town to get a better signal and re-search for the house. Finally when we arrive, the owner was already there which was lucky because we didn't have to call for him.


The house was two storeys, three bedroom, two bathroom and a huge beautiful backyard.  


The bedrooms are very comfy as well.

Even though it's located quite far from the city centre, it's quite a nice place for a night stay.


The house is very big. I felt as if a bit wasted since we only stayed a night and didn't really get to enjoy the house fully.


That evening, we drove around and search for some food. 


We didn't find any suitable places to eat until it was getting dark out. We found a Persian restaurant at the seafront, which was nice.


While waiting for our food to arrive, I stepped outside to get a glimpse of the sunset. It was gorgeous! I didn't stay long since it was getting cold and breezy. 


While we were driving, my mum saw this ruins and told us it used to be a bridge. It was only about 30 years ago, now the bridge is no longer there. When we drove by, it was already dark, so I only managed to take pictures from Google maps. It's a good thing I have a good memory to remember when it was. 

We did drive to where my mum used to live at, but she didn't seem to be excited to take pictures with it. we just did a drive by instead.


The next day, we head back towards London. My mum found a nearby outlet on the way, so we stopped for a look (initially).


In the end, we bought a lot of stuff until it couldn't fit in the car anymore. There were massive sales at Clarks, Fossils and many more. We almost bought the whole store. =P


After all the excitements, we finally head home. We managed to go around UK (east, north, west, south) in 7 days. wooohooo!! So much fun! Ah...home sweet home..

Until next time...


Yana MIB said...

cantik gila homestay koranggg...gbr main ukulele tu boleh jd profile pic..haha

Siti Aminah Muhammad Imran said...

That's the idea! haha...tunggu post kt blog dulu br tukar profile pic. ni xamek gambar semua lagi, ruang tamu dia sume cantik. time ni da xlarat da nak amek gambar.