Friday, 31 October 2014

Longlife Friends -BFFs-

Salam and good day peeps!!

Today I got the chance to meet my childhood besties. I had been friends with these two since kindergarten. We met at Taski ABIM Seri Serdang when we were 6 years old!! And we've been best friends since primary school until now.

From left: Syairah, Siti Sarah and me (Siti Aminah). The triple Ss. =D

We were inseparable all through school. Sarah got married this year on February (which I didn't get to go) and now living in Ipoh with her beloved hubby. She's now a lecturer at UTP. Syairah or as we call her, Sae is working as an engineer at Jalan Ampang. Both of them are engineers and I'm the only one in Bio field.

It has been 20 years we've been friends. OMG! I just realized that. We should've celebrated. huhu...

We went to meet at KLCC because it's near Sae's workplace. Lunch was on her. haha...thank you!!!

We have never been lovey dovey whith each other, it's not that kind of friendship and we're not that kind of people, but I do love these girls. They're very important to me. Hope this friendship remains forever and may we see each other in jannah.

Side story:

As we went to KLCC, I noticed the parking area have this...

Parking area for female only!!! And exclusively for female drivers WITHOUT passengers. They even have guards around this area. How cool is that! This made it safer for female being alone in basement parking.

For those who kept forgetting where they park in such a huge place (it happened to me before elsewhere), they provide these signs for you. Nice!

Until next time...


Yana Ujang said...

saerah dh gemok! omg! :p

Sitiaminah said...

haha...senget. marah dia nnt