Thursday, 22 December 2016

From C&R to C&R Izakaya

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

It has been so long that I've updated this blog, it seemed so rusty now. So, I thought the best way to start again is to talk about food. haha...

Last weekend I met up with a friend, and of course, usually meeting friends equals to food. She suggested that we go to a Malaysian restaurant called C&R at Bayswater. So we planned to meet at Malaysia Hall for Asr prayer since Asr is around 1.30pm now and we walked together to the place. 

I've seen the place before many times, but never really had the chance to eat there. I know where it is located, so we walked and when we passed the store, I asked my friend, 'this is it right?' 

Then we looked up to the sign, it has changed, but I still saw the name C&R. even though the font become smaller and the larger word is Izakaya. According to my friend, the place has been refurbished. Since I haven't actually been here, I took her word for it.

This is what it looks like then....                                                       This is what it looks like now

The ambience of this place has changed since they changed the furnishing. It felt as in a fine dining restaurant, very comfy.

Even the menu has been changed. The main dish is now Japanese, not Malaysian anymore. I thought the price was a bit high at first, but after we received the dishes, the portion was huge and suitable for the price.

These were the things that we ordered. 

These are mocktails. Non-alcoholic cocktails. They do serve alcohol at this establishment, so choose carefully. The pink one is called the pink lady (the only ingredient I could recall is cranberry..haha..) and the next one is with lime, honey and soda. Very refreshing!

This is eel. I've eaten eel before which I love, but these two friends of mine never tried them before. So, I insisted they tried some. It was delicious, but they still need a bit more to get used to it. LOL

This is my dish which is seafood ramen. The dish is in a somewhat huge bowl, filled with A LOT of seafood. Yummeah!!!

This is my bestie's dish, spicy ramen. It is quite spicy but just nice for someone with pallet like ours. Filled with beef.

They also sell my favourite dish here, Takoyaki!!! I've been wanting to find an authentic halal Japanese restaurant that sells these, and finally, I did!! The best!!! Look at all those fish shavings. The portion has five takoyaki. 

Overall damage was about £20 each. Not bad..

Until next time...

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