Sunday, 23 March 2014

1st Day @ Malaga

Salam and good day everyone!

This is a continuation from Hola Espana! =D

The first day of our Spain trip was in Malaga. We arrived in Malaga around 9pm.

The weather in Malaga is not as cold as in UK. But it is still quite windy. 

This is the bus that we took from the airport to our accommodation. The only bus. We actualy didn't know where to go. I googled earlier, but the name of the street is confusing, and the driver doesn't speak a lot of english. In fact, most of them are like that. Luckily, there's wifi in the bus, so we can google while sitting on the bus, so that i will know where to stop. 

We stayed at Feel Hostel (I looked it up online). It's located at Calle (street) Vendeja. This is what our hostel looked like:

It's a 6 bed dorm with shared toilet. The review of this place was quite good online, but it wasn't that good for my taste. The internet said that the dorm with shared toilet that I booked will be for female only, but the room right next to ours has male in them. So we had to share the toilet with guys! 

This toilet can't even be locked! So we need a look out if someone wanted to use the toilet. Luckily there's another bathroom nearby that's even more cozy. But we need to take turns to use that one. 

After settling in, we hunt out for some food. We were starving. Our hostel is located in the city center. Just a few minutes walking, there's plenty of stores to choose from. We found one that's halal and nearby!

It was by far the best wrap that I have ever tasted! I felt like going back there just to get another taste. After our dinner, we went for a walk for sightseeing.

Malaga is located near the shore of southern Spain. So there's a coast near the city. 

At night, the hostel held Jazz concert for us to enjoy. We sat in for a few minutes, then went back to our beds due to the excessive tiredness.(-_-")

Photoshoot while/after packing is a must! =D


The room includes breakfast. We were served with bread together with jam, marmalade etc. Juice, free coffee, cuppacino, cocoa machine and cereal. It was kind of nice for €2. The total cost for the room is €13 per person. I wouldn't recommend it though if you're thinking of staying for 2 nights. It's not very comfortable, there are noises from the street and the bar downstairs, the heater is too small, so we were freezing at night (even though there's thick blankets).  

Afterwards, we walked to go to the bus station for our next destination: Seville.

Maria Zambrano Bus Station

Inside the station

This is the bus that we took. Most intercity buses are from this particular company; ALSA. We bought the luxury express by mistake. So it costs €22 each, but we were given goody bags filled with mineral water, some snacks and a headphone. The bus equipped with wifi, radio and television for our entertainment throughout the journey. 

After this is....SEVILLE!!

Until next time....

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