Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Hi readers! Always a pleasure to be read. hihi...
This is the continuation from Part 1...the title is a dead giveaway

Well, after those hustle and bustle, I was off to my hostel. I went without my bags first, not going to make the same mistakes. After registering only I fetched my bags and took a cab instead. Had to pay £25 for the trip, but it was worth it.

A little bit about where I'm staying. It's called Griffon Studios. Part of GradPad Housing. GradPad have three housing for students other than Griffon, There's Wood Lane Studios and Orient House. GradPad is a Postgraduate Housing accommodating Students from top universities including Imperial, King's, UCL and many more.

I'll tell you about the place more in other post. Check this out first:

This is my room!!!

The room is a standard studio room with en suite kitchenette and bathroom. As you can see, there's a small sofa, a dining and study table, all the necessities for a student like me. The kitchen includes electronic stove, microwave/oven and a fridge. The room is exactly like the picture on the web. With better covers and pillows..haha...

The closet is quite small though...especially for a female ~heh~ U know what I mean ladies...*wink*

The toilet....obviously..

This is my duvet + covers + pillows + cushion (for hugging...hehe..)

Bought them at:

ASDA is just a few miles away from my Hostel. It's a hypermarket like mydin in Malaysia. The price is cheap especially if you're buying in bulk. Very convenient. Other than ASDA, there's also another supermarket called Lid'l which is quite cheap as well. Next to it is a huge BOOTS store which has pharmacy in it. They sell other stuff as well.

The upside of my place is that it's just opposite of Clapham Junction Overground train station. You can go to many places easily. Next to it is the National Health Service (NHS) Centre. It's kind of like a clinic. The bus stops are nearby as well. Walking distance to the studio are many Halal food shops and Halal meat markets, NatWest Bank, Marks and Spencer, Tesco express, Sainsbury... You name it! Most of it are nearby.. There's also a mosque which they call as Muslim Education Centre less than a mile away. If you're a Christian, a church is close too.

The downside of it is that it's quite far from class. I made a mistake because I thought my class would be in South Kensington, instead it's at the Hammersmith Campus which located at the Hammersmith Hospital, Du Cane Road, White City. I have to take two busses which will take me almost an hour with good traffic to arrive. If I'm late, usually I will just take the train to Shepherds Bush and take the bus from there. That way, I can cut half of my travelling time.

I would love to talk more about the great things in London. Read me again next time.

Until then, I bid you farewell.


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keep up writing dear!! feel free to visit mine also hehe tp byk ngarut je hahahah

Siti Aminah Muhammad Imran said...

Thanks kak! kena blaja dr tyco2 cm akak nih....=D