Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Riang Ria Raya 2014

Salam and Eid Mubarak!

Today is the 3rd day of Shawal. I've started my daily routine in the lab. But, it's never too late to still feel the festivities of the eid. So, I'll share with you what I did for my first eid celebration in UK.

1st Shawal (Monday, 28th July 2014)

      We woke up earlier than usual today. My best friend stayed up the whole night skype-ing with her family (due to the 7 hours time difference). We get ready with our 'raya' clothes and off to the Malaysian Embassy / High Commission at  Belgrave Square, London. It took about 30 minutes from my friend's house via tube.

      When we arrived around 9am, there were already many people, some we met along the way with their beautiful 'baju raya'. The prayer actually started at 9am, exactly when we arrived, Alhamdulillah, just in the nick of time.

After the prayer, it's food time!!!

There were so many people. Luckily we went early to get food, and while everyone was waiting because nobody knew that they can get the food already...huhu...

Photobombed while selfie. =P

The food was fairly nice. Well, if you're in London and you can find these types of food, what more do you want?!

There were not enough seat available, so we just ate while standing up at the counter. This place is where people go to make their visas, passport, etc. See the arrow? ooppps...

Soooo many people. Maybe you can't see as clear from this angle.

This day you can see there are actually a lot of Malaysians in London. But of course this is including those that came from other places as well. And don't forget those who are still inside, can you imagine?

We took some photos while waiting for our friends to eat.

With K. Zada, a PhD student at Imperial whose living at the same accommodation as me. 

There were also TV3 crew interviewing people. We didn't get a chance though. Still a little sour towards TV3 for false reporting news before. =(

So we went inside to take some more pictures with the beautiful decorations.

Imperial College London students.

These are the group for 'jalan raya'...weeee....

Rombongan Cik Kiah

We took pictures at Hyde Park because it was nearby.

After the photoshoot, we went to Mile End to visit a friend's friend. 

We took the tube at Hyde Park Corner...I love this pic.

Going raya using public transport. Pfftt~~

Eid mubarak by Sainsbury's. 

We didn't go and visit Princess Elsa ok...This is our friend's house. hahaha...

We ate Nasi kerabu (famous in Kelantan) here..but there's no pic of it. We ate without thinking..huhu...

Go to visit another friend afterwards..

So tired after the long walk...or maybe because too full. (-_-)

We went to our friends' house at bayswater. 

My friend made this cookies

Sooo many delicious food...

There's lontong, satay, rendang, chocalate cake, cookies, kuah kacang, pulut...

We also visited my Mak Alang's restaurant in Chinatown (Kuala Lumpur Cafe). She will always cook Lontong for both eid celebrations. The dish that I look for everytime, and she makes the best one. My family always visit her mother's house every raya. And she always makes Lontong. nyum3...

What's raya without raya cookies..

My 'lil cousin. She doesn't know that I'm her cousin because we've never met before I came to London.

This is my aunt. Ira said it looked like we're taking pictures with a 'datin'. Bolehlah~

Of course, have to 'tapau' some food to bring home because we were too full to enjoy more. 

That night, we took a train to Sheffield.

2nd Shawal (Tuesday, 29th July 2014)

Our friends in Sheffield are all busy with their write ups now, so we celebrated simply at home. From the left, Chepah, Ira, Me, Damia. Damia visited us from her lab during lunch hour....*touched*

I was actually on skype with my niece at this moment. But this picture turned out so nice because we looked so happy. 

Add Afiqah and Bahijah (the one that took the pics earlier)

This is what happened where the camera is not with me. (-_-")


After that we went and visit Ira's cousin that's living in Sheffield as well. He picked us up with his rented we didn't have to go there ourselves...hehe

Afterwards, we went back to London...

Simple but memorable eid celebration. Today I am already busy with so many things to do...well..

Until next time...

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