Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hiking @ Kent

Salam and good day readers!

The week before Ramadhan, a friend of mine invited me to go on a walking/hiking trip at Kent during the weekend. We took a train from London Bridge Station to Ashurst, Kent.

The path for the walk starts at the train station.

This house reminds me of houses at the villages in Malaysia.

Country side houses are so beautiful.

We walked through the wheat field.

Spectacular view.

This was not photoshopped.

The one whose always by my side.

We went over fences.

Met with sheep in the middle of the road.

Selfie with sheep. =D

We found this 'grave' of an army who was killed in a train accident.

I think maybe this is the place where the accident occur. It's a train track bridge.

Over bridges

This is a wheat field that's still young.


This flower looks like it's made of plastic.

We went across fields

And villages

The houses are filled with trees and beautiful flowers

This shed is actually a bus stop.

This reminds me of rambutan...=P

Checking the map for our next route.

While waiting, we have a rest near this place.

Saw this funky car while we were resting

We went across this quaint church in the village

The first time I went to a Christian cemetery

These grave has been here since 1908

This uncle was the one who let us in. He told us the history of this church. 

This church was burnt to the ground during except the tower during 1920's because it was hit by lightning

They rebuild everything from the ground up.

The day we came there was going to be a wedding in the afternoon, hence the candles.

This truck is filled with stuff for the wedding.

We the continued our journey..

After some time, we rest to have our lunch.

Picnic time!! Each of us brought some food. I brought the chicken n cheese popia that I made the night before.

The taste are delish! 

Ira's response afterwards..hahaha!!!

We saw bulls! haha...we were excited as if there weren't any in Malaysia. =P

And some chickens!

Then we saw a farm. We just went in without any permission.

Horsie selfie...=D

Bull selfie...=D

This place reminds me of a scene in Narnia: Prince Caspian where the prince was being chased.

This was by far the most tiring walks that I've ever had. We walked for more than 8 hours!!

I think we reached for more than 10 miles.

We reached this place called the pooh bridge, where Winnie the Pooh cartoon was originated from.

Who was this smart person that wrote this? heh~

So tired at this point.

But still managed to took pictures. hahaha

Afterwards, we went for tea and snacks at a place called The Pooh Corner.

After tea, we were too swamped to move, we decided to take a bus to the train station instead of continue walking.

Great idea! ;-)

We took the train from here back to Clapham Junction. We had dinner before going home. Such a great experience even though it was exhausting.

Until next time....


Yana Ujang said...

sooo..dah kurus la ni?? kahkah :p

Siti Aminah Muhammad Imran said...

kurus sbb pose 20 jam. =P