Sunday, 3 August 2014


Salam and good day everyone!

It was such a good day today. My friend and I went to Trafalgar Square because the Mayor of London held an Eid Festival there. I'm not sure whether they held this annually or not, but we're sure glad they did it this year. =D

I went here before for the first time for another event when I first came here, Malaysian Night. To go here, you can stop at the nearest tube station which is Charing Cross station. There were so many booths opened.

We went looking around here first.

At first sight, I wasn't really interested to see this guy doing khat, but then I saw they were giving it out for free! we queued to get ours. 

There were a lot of stalls from most of the muslim countries around the world, like Iraq, Morocco...


and of course...MALAYSIA!! When we arrived, the cooking demo was just finished.

There were so many people queuing for Malaysian food. It felt so good watching the locals here trying our local Malaysian cuisine.

Some restaurants that you can find around London that participated in this event selling their delicious food.

The price is normal around here. Don't try to convert with Malaysian Ringgit ok. 

Black guys cooking satay. Say whaaaatt?!!

So many people here that guy still available? =P

I bought one mafla for my friend.

The show picture exhibition as well

This calligraphy was written on ceramics and canvasses.

i got this wrist band here.

They have henna studios to draw some henna. The locals love it. But henna that are drawn with patterns are not permissible in Islam. 

The even provide children activity centre for the kids to play.

We bought this coconut drink. It was so expensive...£4.50 per fruit. 

Photo session outside afterwards.

Malaysia tourism. Malaysian flag soar proudly 

There'll always be protesters. One of the things that I like here, they respect people to voice out their opinion in public. 

Because the line at the festival was too long for food, we went to my aunt's place to eat instead.

Free model at the back.

Until next time. 

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