Friday, 6 February 2015

It finally snowed in London

Salam and good day!

A few days ago, while I was taking the trash out early in the morning, I saw this white stuff on top of the cars that were parked in front of my house.

It's snowing!!! I could just cry. I've been waiting for this miracle to happen for more than a year. Well, it hasn't been snowing in London since 3 or four years ago. So you can imagine my excitement.

It's not just seeing the white blanket, but to see the flakes dropping down from heaven. Speechless.

You do know that there is no similar snowflake. No snowflake is the same as the next. So you can imagine billions of snowflake, that are just unique, different and individual like you and me. Miraculous! And getting to see that first hand is just amazing. I am so grateful, Alhamdulillah.

I went for a walk a bit, just with a jumper on my back because I was not at all prepared and found a walkway. This could only happen on roads that has no vehicles driving on it. It's fairly difficult to find one in London I assure you. I call this photo, a walk to remember. =D

My neighbour's house, just because it's pretty. huhu...

and voila! My sweet home. It didn't last long though. After a few hours the snow melted. *sigh*

At least I got a chance to see them. I am grateful enough.

Until next time...

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