Monday, 1 August 2016

Around UK in 7 days: Liverpool

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

After St. Andrews, we head back down towards Liverpool. We went to Liverpool before with my grandparents, my parents, my bestie, my sis and her family. This time, we went to the places that we didn't get to go before.


Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles...where they first played their gig.


This is Mathew Street.


John Lennon's bar. One of the many famous people who visited the street and bar.


This is where it all began. The Cavern Club. This is where they first played.


The club is still in operation, with a lot more addition to it.

A lot of memorabilia surrounding the street.  


This wall is one of the most important piece in the street. Let's get closer..  


It has a lot of engraved names and bands on it.


The Cavern Wall of Fame. There's a lot of names of bands that made it, where they begin from the Cavern, just like the Beatles.


We walked to the Queen Square.


When we get hungry, we walked to the Bond Street. You can find a lot of restaurants along this street. We ate at the KO Grill, which is a very comfy place to eat. Great and affordable food too!


Is anyone reading this a Downton Abbey fan? If so, do you remember Lady Mary when she had an affair with Lord Gillingham in season 5, episode 5. This is the place they went to, The Adelphi Hotel! The hotel is also said to be haunted, since it has been there for more than a 100 years!!! uuuuuuu...


Trying to get a good selfie. =P


We parked the car earlier near the New Street Station. I did show these place before, but we didn't really take any pictures with it. As what my mum said, if you're not in the picture, there's no meaning because anybody can take the same picture from Google. She has a point though, unless the person photoshopped themselves into the picture. hahahaha..


The arrow shows one of the most important icon in Liverpool which is the radio tower. It has been there for decades. Trivia: in which city is the oldest radio station? I knew this from Who Wants to be a Millionaire while I was staying here. Anyone knows? Don't Google it! That's cheating.


Moving on...this is the Lime Street Station. My parents first arrived here. My mum told us, she arrived there, alone, not knowing anybody. Kind of a scary thought if you ask me. I've felt it when I first came to London, also alone and not knowing anybody. Plus the incident


My parents' first date, at the Empire Theatre. 


At the back is the Liverpool Old Cathedral. My mum told us this is where her school had the graduation, though she didn't attend the event. When we were there, there was a graduation ceremony.  


Last but not least, of course, we went to the Anfield Stadium. Since last time we went here, the stadium were closed, so we didn't get to go to the souvenir shop. This time, we had the chance to. My dad was so excited, he grabbed a handfull of jerseys, keychains and what-nots. I don't even know to whom he would gave them to. long as they were happy, it's fine by me. Plus they used their own money..haha..

Last trivia, what is the official bird of Liverpool? Come on...this is an easy one. Hint: It's not a real bird. 

Until next time...    

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