Thursday, 25 August 2016

Weekend @ Camden

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

One weekend, my bestie and I just itches to go somewhere to vent and release after all the labwork that we did. I saw a video on Facebook before about cronuts (croissants+donuts and ice cream!!!) by the Dum Dum Donutteries, which when I checked in Google, they are located at Camden Market.

So we went there, with the hope of finding the cronuts, as it is summer, gorgeous weather for it. Before that...about the market.

How to describe Camden Market?? I have one word. Awesome!

Camden market is so unique in so many ways, from having the most out of the box-futuristic things such as the Cyberdog... 

To the very old and classic stuff such as this cute little jukebox and record player.

Hipster? They may love this place. Maybe....It's filled with vintage, handmade, classic stuff. 

There are many tunnels, nooks and crannies locating various stalls.

This is one of the vintage stalls where the jukebox is. There's also cameras from the victorian era. I'm serious! They are still functioning!

My grandma used to have this radio. I wonder what happened to it.

This is my favourite!!! haha...what are the odds of me bumping into this. Definitely going to buy one before I go back home.

More stores...more alleys. You can get lost in this market.

A very productive way of recycling your old shirts. huhu....

They have loads of cafes here. This is where you come to find street food. Malaysia's food is here too!! But our main reason is to find the cronuts.

In the end, we found out the DumDum Donutterie  at Camden has been shut down and that they've moved to Shoreditch. We felt bummed, but we didn't want to go back in vain, so I found another place which I watched a video previously as well called the Cereal Killer Cafe.

This cafe only serves cereals from around the globe (mostly the UK and the States).

The menu...

These are some of the choices. There are three sizes of bowls to choose from. People often became overwhelmed with the choice that they have to make. Being an impulsive person that I am, my bestie and I picked our choices in a second. haha....

I chose the Cinnabon and I add some strawberries with whole milk, while my bestie chose Hershey's chocolate cereal with chocolate milk and Oreos. They made their own chocolate milk by adding chocolate sauce in the whole milk. Smart!

This is the inside. The TV between the crates showed some oldies morning shows, makes you feel like a kid eating breakfast again. The TV at the far left is showing Johnny Bravo if anyone still remembers. haha....

I love the decor inside the store, but the lighting can be improved since it's a bit gloomy. 

More cereals being displayed. There's Dunkin' Donut cereal!! I would buy some if it's still around. 

Paying for a bowl of cereal. Who would have thought we would see the day. 

Here's the video from Time Out London. 

It's more of a 'try it once' kind of place. It's sure is unique. 

Until next time...

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