Sunday, 25 September 2016

Festive Weekend

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

This weekend was full of festivities. On Saturday, there was the Malaysia Festival (previously known as Malaysia Night). This festival has been my routine thing every year. 2013, 2014.


This displayed Lotus sports car is one of the exhibition that is being showcased every year.  This car is manufactured here, but I just knew that DRB-HICOM owned the company through its subsidiary Proton. Awesome right! One of the great achievements of Malaysian company.


I didn't do any posting for the 2015 since we came very late and didn't stay very long.


Just bought some dinner and came here to meet my friend who just arrived for her masters.


We did our bachelors degree together in IIUM and she's continuing her masters degree in King's College last year. 


This year, we came a little bit earlier after finishing my lab work. There weren't a lot of people just yet, so it's great to look around.


We suddenly bumped into the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Malaysia. We actually saw someone that my bestie knows, and it turns out, she was accompanying the IGP and his wife. We got to talk with the Puan Sri, asking where they head to, she asked what we studied and prayed for our success. She was very friendly and nice.


 I mostly love browsing and shop for food that are quite hard to find here in London. I found some Longan!!! But it was expensive!! 7.50GPB which is equivalent to RM35+..woah...


Neelofar Hijab made it here. huhu..I know these things are quite the catch back home.  

Guess who else I met.


Dato' Seri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, the  CEO of the Television Networks and International Business, CEO of the Media Prima Berhad. I guess they were doing some report about the festival.


On the next day, as every year, there was the Japanese Matsuri festival. My aim was only two:


Motchi...this one is matcha rolls off the tongue by saying this 


and the main aim...TAKOYAKI!!! I've been craving for these for 2 years. Last few years, we didn't get to buy these since we didn't manage to go to Trafalgar Square two days in a row. The day we did manage to go, it was already very late, so they ran out. Looks good right?? hehe... 


We found some dorayaki (Doraemon's favourite food) too...

There were also chances for visitors to try on the traditional kimono for 3GBP. This guy isn't Japanese by the way...haha...he's Bruneian. But he did look the part. =P


Cute/weird Domo which  is the official mascot of Japan's public broadcaster NHK.

The great part of the Japanese Matsuri was that they have many stalls with Japanese crafts and culture (anime, manga, cute plushies..), which I thought the Malaysia Fest is missing. Malaysia should introduce our arts and crafts more as well as our tourism and food. The only upper-hand that the Malaysia Fest had compared to the Japanese Matsuri was the performances. 


The Japanese Matsuri did show some very interesting performances such as this one, which is the Odori Deer Dance that is the folk dance widely practiced at the north-east of Japan.

 That's it for now. There was also one magician that gave an awesome show, integrating tradition and the art of magic.

Until next time...

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