Monday, 11 August 2014

Supermoon + Farewell

Salam and good day readers!

Today my friends and I went out for dinner as a farewell gathering for our friend. Her name is Jung Min and she's from Korea. She's actually a student from National University of Singapore (NUS) and did a twinning study at London School of Economics (LSE). She has finished her studies, so she's going back to Singapore for work.

I actually met her a while back in the lift of Zahirrah's studio. It seems that I always meet new people in the lift of her place. huhu...

She was the one that initiated the conversation when she asked whether I'm Malaysian. She said it was because of my scarf, very distinct for Malaysian. hehe...

From there we became friends. We never get a chance to be close though due to the packed schedule. We tried going out for lunch a few times but always have to cancel in the last minute. So this was actually our 2nd time seeing each other after so long even though Zahirrah and her lived in the same building. 

We stopped at London Waterloo before going to Chinatown.

I was thinking to bring her to my aunt's restaurant in Chinatown because she loves Malaysian food. I cooked her 'sambal tumis' once and she just went crazy over it. *my cooking is that good ok* =P
Sadly my aunt's place was closed already because we went there around 6.30pm. So we went to Rasa Sayang restaurant instead. Remember that I gave a bad review about them before, but we had no other choice. 

Jung Min and me. =D

I ordered Special Nasi Goreng and Bandung

Zahirrah and Li Sia (another Malaysian friend) ordered Nasi Lemak and Teh ais, while Jung Min ordered Char Kuey Teow (no picture).

From the left, Li Sia, Zahirrah, Me and Jung Min. Why am I the only one like that? Everyone is so formal. -_-

I really wished we could've spent more time with Jung Min to get to know her better. Hope we can stay in touch after this. 

After dinner, I asked Ira to accompany me to take pictures of the supermoon. You know about the supermoon right? It's a phenomena when the moon's location is the closest to earth. Only happens once in a while. This year, it occurred three times including today and another time will be on September 9th.

We went to Westminster bridge because it's just a walking distance from Chinatown to London Waterloo (where we'll be taking the train home) and because it's nearby St. Thomas Hospital where we can go for prayer easily. It was about 8.30pm (see big ben) when we saw the supermoon!

Taken from the opposite side of the road. Use the people as reference to how big the moon is.

At the tip of my fingers. =D

Hide the face. =P

So beautiful. Subhanallah!

Auuuuuwwwww.....(wolf call)

Tired after walking too much (or because too full)..hehe...

Taken at Clapham Junction station. Loved the clouds surrounding the moon. 

Well...until next time!


Yana Ujang said...

ouh..slh restoren eh hr tu? hahaha

semlm cloudy..hujan...bln nampak separuh je... -.-'

Sitiaminah said...

kt sini pun da start hujan. mendung je manjang. tu yg dpt gbr dengan awan kepul2 tu. santek!