Saturday, 24 January 2015

Tinseltown Review

Salam and good day!

I found out about this place from a friend of my bestie when she posted a picture of her eating here. The food seemed interesting enough, so we decided to give it a try.

It's located at Westbourne Grove, near Bayswater station. The place serves full halal menu, and it is clearly stated on their entrance.

I read the reviews online of this place beforehand and most of them talked about the bad service of this place. But we went to try and check it out for ourselves.

When we arrived, a staff greeted us and showed us to our seat. The menu choices are excellent. There are many choices of burgers and grills. This place specialty is their burgers and shakes.

I ordered the chocolate brownie shake (right) and my bestie ordered the ferero roche (left) shake.

They don't look much different though. huhu...I loved mine. It kind of taste like oreo shake, but you can taste the brownie chunks. The ferero shake you can really taste it in the shake. But it'll feel a bit filling because of the taste. 

This is called Texas Buffalo wings. I've been wanting to try one of these for a long time. Finally I found a joint that sells them and halal. 

We also ordered the grill platter that consists of 3 lamb chops, one cajun chicken, two steaks and a sausage. The meal includes two sides that you can choose and a dip. We choose chips and mash potato with peri-peri dip. The dip was excellent.

Overall, the food is actually great with affordable prices. The setting of the place is cozy too. 

However, my bestie told me when she went to pay, she chatted up with the staff a bit and was totally ignored. Rude much!? 

When we were about to exit the store, there were a group of people entered and we overheard them saying to the staff that they were waiting for their seat at the door and no one came. The staff replied rudely for them to go back to the door. I mean..whaat??!! Why can't they just give them a seat and apologize for making them wait. It's not like it was a full house inside the store. 

So my recommendation would be, if you really have a hankering for the food and can tolerate rudeness, then go ahead. Not going to be a 2nd visit from us anytime soon for sure!

Until next time.

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