Tuesday, 20 January 2015

NYE 2014...2015

Salam and good day!

I've been postponing this entry due to many unfortunate events that occurred in my country. Same as last year, my bestie and I went to the NYE celebration in London which is one of the biggest and most fascinating fireworks display in the world.

This year however, for the first time, the Mayor of London issued tickets for the fireworks viewing areas that costs £10 each. I bought the tickets since October last year.

Because we came late last year around 9pm and we had to walked so far away and there were already many people there, we decided to come earlier this year. So we went out around 4pm (after Maghrib prayer). My bestie also want to meet her cousin that happen to be in London with her family too before we went to see the fireworks.

After meeting my bestie's cousin and had a light dinner together, we took the tube to Charing Cross. At first, we went there so that I can perform my Isya prayer. Little that we know, the entrance for N1 area (our viewing area) is located there, just opposite of Malaysia Tourism office.

We arrived around 7pm and the queue was already this long!!

The wait wasn't that long though. It just moved slowly due to some boggarts that're cutting lines in front.

There were another security check at the gate (this time they really check your tickets, bags and body check-we were lucky we had female guards). The good thing was, they asked the ladies to go first. So we entered quite fast because we didn't have to wait very long.

We walked a little bit and chose a place near the exit. It was a nice view too.

The wait was the worst part. Because you can't really sit nor stand for 5 whole hours!!! Especially in the cold.


But the wait is sure is worthwhile. The countdown...


Such an amazing experience.

This might be the second last time for us to come here. Maybe we'll just go one final time before we go back to Malaysia for good.

The finale...

After the fireworks, we didn't stay for the AULD LANG SYNE song like last year to avoid the large crowd. We had to walk until Victoria Station to catch a tube. All transport is free from 11:59pm until 4:30am.

Along the way, there was a road block to avoid congestion inside the tube station.

Thankfully, the public transport here is one of the best that I've seen despite what Malaysian minister said that London needs to learn from Malaysia (erk!). We didn't need to wait long at all to get on the tube and the bus. We arrived home just before 2am. 

Until next time...

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