Friday, 13 March 2015

Lab Retreat

Salam and good day!

Last month, my lab held a retreat for everyone in the lab (staff and PhD students). Everyone went which gives me a chance to get to know more people working in the lab.

Eventhough I did my masters at Imperial College as well, during my 6 month project, I followed my supervisor to UCL and did my research there instead of at IRDB (Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology).

The retreat was held at Lane End Conference Centre. The coach picked us up at Hammersmith Hospital at 9am.

The drive was magnificent with gorgeous view of the countryside. It took about 45 minutes to arrive at the venue.

Where else can you find a sign to look out for crossing ducks? cute.

The conference centre is an amazing place too. Very suitable for a retreat and team building activities.

This is where we go for lunch

One activity included was poster presentation from all team from the department. 

This is my team. Stem cell differentiation lab. So proud to have my name alongside these people. Except, they misspelled my name. more Aminah. =P

The scenery of this place is breathtaking as well. There's a golf course here. My dad would love it. Lol

There are seminars and presentations from various people sharing their projects and recent findings which open up a new perspective on other people's research, not just your own. 

There are also sharing moment from the heads and reps of the department. These people are so laid back, you wouldn't notice that they are the big guns of their field. They make you feel so appreciated and important to the whole team.

There are a few booth opened by the Lifetechnologies company to show their machines and products. I took one sample with me. This cutie is actually a virus called Norovirus. Norovirus is the bug that'll make you puke and purge all day long. It's painful and commonly known as stomach flu. They made it to be so cute...=P

They also have E.coli, flu virus and many more known to be eeky..but made to be cute and fluffy. 

This is the accommodation chalets. I only found out that the heads of the unit or teams have stayed here for the past 2 days with various activities on how to improve the department. Us PhD students were just invited for the last day sessions. Oh least they included us in the end.

I would really love to be involved in these kinds of activities some more in the future.

Until next time...

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