Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Le Tour De Paris

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

When my sis came to visit, we decided to go to Paris for a day. She's been to London before, so she thought this time, we'll go and see some place else. Plus, she has been wanting to go to Paris for a long time.

I bought the tickets weeks in advance so that we could get a cheaper price. We went there by flight because that's the cheapest option for us after weighing all other alternatives. Using easyjet is very easy. If you download their app, you don't have to print out your boarding pass or go to check-in. Just check-in via the app and you'll have the boarding pass as shown and can just use your mobile. Easy peasy.

We boarded the flight from London Gatwick Airport to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris. The flight took about 45 minutes.

Arriving at the airport, we need to find the train station which is located inside the airport (just like heathrow).

We had to take the lift to go to the train station. To our surprise, the station here is not very clean. It's quite dirty to be frank, even if it is the station at an international airport.

Zafirah was so excited to be taking the train. She just loves it!

This is what the tickets look like. It's small, so keep good care of it because you might lose it easily. The details of the ticket for Paris can be found at my other entry here.

See how happy she is. 

I gave her my phone to keep her quiet because she kept asking to walk around which can be dangerous. The result is...a lot of pictures of her feet. =P

The direct train to Paris from the airport is to Gare Du Nord. If you wish to go to the Eiffel Tower or some other destinations, just transfer to another train at a different platform. You can either follow the signs or just ask the staff. 

Even the train station has a travelator. So convenient.

And the trains are double decker. Cool!

Thankfully there were not a lot of people when we came here.

We took the train from St. Michel Notre Dame to Champ De Mars Tour Eiffel.

This is what the interior looks like.

So huge and comfy.

As we exit the station, we saw this monument. In front of it is this bridge.

I didn't know that this place was used in the movie Inception until my Bro-In-Law told me.

tadaaa..Mr.Leonardo de Caprio, Ms. Siti and Ms. Zafirah. huhu...

And another view..=D

After that we walked to the tower. It took about 5 minutes walk from the bridge (this pace is with a child).

There were so many people here. Be careful of your belongings especially your wallet and passport.

The weather was not very nice when we came here. It was drizzling and windy that made my little niece felt so cold. So we was crying and whining all the time. We ate our packed 'nasi goreng' that I prepared at home quickly and tried to get out of the cold.

Eating french fries at Eiffel Tower, Paris. cliche..huhu..

We bought the fries to keep my niece from crying because she didn't want the 'nasi goreng' until it was finished. Plus we wanted to buy hot chocolate to keep her warm too.

After regaining energy, we walked towards the front of the tower to take a better picture.

The building in front of Eiffel Tower has also been used in shooting a movie. Can you remember which movie? 

In Rush Hour 3 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

 It's the same place, only theirs was taken at night with the fountains turned on.

After taking loads of pictures with the iconic tower, we get a move on towards The Lourve. It is actually easier and nearer to take a metro from Trocadero station which was at the building in front of the Eiffel Tower. However, following my BIL confident sense of direction, we went to Iena station instead which was about 7 minutes walk from the tower.

The train that we took was an old one. The doors don't open automatically but needs to be open by pulling the handle inside the red circle up. It's a bit dangerous because you can open the door even when the train hasn't stop completely yet.

As we arrived at the Lourve, it was still drizzling, so we had to use the umbrella (luckily we brought one with us)

The Lourve is a museum which is very2 big. You will need a day to spend here and look at famous and world renown paintings.

We only took some pictures outside.

Levitation practice with the great master Zafirah.

Photo sessions in the rain. Zafirah wants to hold the umbrella herself.

Finally we let her. =P

The panoramic view.

We didn't want to get near the arch because of the rain and we want to go to the loo..badly.

So we went and search for a toilet at a mall nearby called the Lourve carousel.

The toilet costs €1.50 which was expensive if you think about it, but you'll know why when you enter. The toilet is like a restaurant. Not only because of the cleanliness, but there's an attendant that will attend to you after you pay, wait for the attendant to tell you which stall to enter. After you're finished with your business, the attendant will wash the stall before another person enters.

The decor is also gorgeous! There's a variety of colourful toilet paper displayed around the toilet. haha...

Inside the mall, there's an upside down pyramid that connects to the top pyramid.


After the Lourve, my BIL wanted to go to the Stadium. He's a guy, what else can you expect. My sis and I didn't want to follow, so we just waited elsewhere.

Our last stop before we go back to London is Hard Rock cafe. It has become like a tradition for my sis and her husband whenever they went abroad to buy the HRC t-shirt and sold them to their friends.


The HRC is located between these streets.

There were so many people on queue and there's only one till open. 

Because the wait was too long and we were sort of rushing to be at the airport on time, they decided not to buy any. Such a pity. 

Nevermind bro, I'll buy some for you when I come here again. =D

To go back to the CDG Airport, we had to make a lot of transfers on the metro.

We went to Franklin D. Roosevelt station to change to line 1

After that transfer again to go to line 7

The last transfer is on to RER line towards the airport. Fuh~~

Finally we arrived safely at the airport. While everyone was so tired and waiting to perform the prayer, this little munchkin is still full of energy and running around.

After performing our prayer, we just need to wait to board the plane. 

Alhamdulillah, one bucket list checked. 

Until next time...

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