Saturday, 30 May 2015

Park Visits

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

On the day that the weather was so nice and sunny, we decided to go visit the park and have a picnic. The most interesting park that I've been to that is nearby is Holland Park.

I thought of bringing them to this park as they arrived, but due to the bad weather, it had to be postponed and made my sis and her family missed it, as they've already went back home.

Holland park is beautiful and full of interesting flowers. You can refer to my previous post too about Holland Park.

There's beautiful flowers, especially tulips where most people come here to see.

Large playing chess for serious players (not children toys).

The most interesting part in this park is the peacocks. This is a female one if you noticed.

There's also the male peacock. As we went to see it, it opened up it's tail feathers, which was lucky!

My mum and I got a chance to take pictures with it opening it's feathers.

The peacock can roam around the park freely (it was not in captivity or a pen). At this time, it was near the Japanese park which was beautiful too.

We were supposed to have a picnic here because the park has many picnic tables located all over.

 But nobody seemed to be hungry. So I just ate the fruits. The strawberries my mum bought earlier at the Shepherds Bush market which was so sweet!! The sambal kicap was brought by my grandma all the way from Malaysia. Need to restock in a couple of month. The handsome model at the back? Well, that's my dad. =D

While sitting around, I saw these two beautiful British Bulldogs. According to the owner, they are pure breeds. Very difficult to find and are very expensive.

Dog toilet? That's something interesting too. haha..

After that, we went to Hyde Park. We parked our car at the Q-Park because there were no parking available. It is the weekend after all. I don't remember the actual rate, I just know it's expensive.

My Atok is wearing his new shoes that I helped chose. hihi...We had to walk a bit underground to go to the park and exit here..

At the Speaker's Corner. My mum said people come all over the world to see this, where anyone can just stand on a stool or something and speak up about practically anything. Mostly they talk about politics, of course. Free speech at it's best. You can even rebut with the person speaking. Have an argument just for the sake of having one. huhu..

All the arrows showing people who are speaking on a stool. A lot of people gather to listen and sometimes to argue with the point that they are talking about.

They have these lounge chairs where you can sit. have to pay. chair for £1.20. Opportunists.

We had to pray here because it was coming near to 'Asr. My mum took this pic. I looked online for the Qiblat direction and performed my prayer, but then when I finished suddenly there's some guys saying that our direction is wrong and had to perform again facing another direction. huhu..

After that, we stopped by Bayswater to buy some souvenirs where one of the place that I know it's cheap.

Until next time..

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