Saturday, 23 May 2015

Graduation Day!!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته and good day!

It is the important event that brought my family together here in London. It is my Graduation Day!!

I have never experienced graduation apart from when I was at school and Darul Quran. So this time, I was so excited especially this graduation is for my masters.

The graduation is held at Royal Albert Hall which made the event even more prestigious. My session was the last one, at 5.30pm, so we had to wait a while and do something else in the mean time. So I decided to take all the ladies to shop at Westfield because it is so near my house.

After Zuhr prayer, we all changed our clothes and get ready to go. I booked two cabs because we have elderlies, so it will be difficult to take the public transport.

As we arrive at the hall, the rest wait at the cafe in gate 12 while my bestie and I went to fetch our robes at the Business Building.

Took the chance to take pictures here.

I entered from gate 11, different from my parents and bestie.

The tickets were pre-booked and arrived weeks before the ceremony.

They put the booklet at our seats.

There's live string orchestra on standby for the background music.

The arrangements and inside the hall made me feel the extravagant of the whole ceremony.

This hall is so big! Our session alone is for more than 1K graduates.

My seat is at the alley which was nice. Made it easy for me to take pics of the stage.

My parents seat was way waaaaay up high. But you can still see me in my bright pink scarf. haha...thanks mum!

The ceremony began with the procession of the top people of the uni and representatives of each course.

The rest of them couldn't get in because I only bought tickets for two which are for my parents. If the tickets are not as expensive, I would've bought tickets for all of them. So they had to wait at the cafe downstairs.

My niece of course couldn't sit still for 2 hours straight. So they went outside. But the wind is so strong.

Just hear the wind blows. 

They pronounced my name as Siti Muhammad Imran. huhu...Aminah is missing. 

The graduation here is super simple. They already gave our certificate posted to our house in Malaysia a month after we finished our masters. For the ceremony, we only need to shake the hands of the uni rep either the president, dean or deputy and head of faculty (nod our head as a sign of respect for my case).

It ended with 'God Save The Queen' song and the exit procession.

We met one of our friends from UIA that did her masters at Imperial the same year as us outside the hall.

Paya, me, Ira.

Inside the hall. It seemed like only Asians (us and some chinese) were busy taking pictures after the ceremony. Lol

Sape la sibuk sebelah tu...(-_-")

When I went to pick up my parents the other day, I saw my old friend, Li Sia when we were here together during our masters. Such a nice surprise, so we promised to meet up during graduation to take pictures. There weren't really any other time because we were both occupied with our families.

The three comrades.

The three comrades with my grandad.

Just me and my beloved grandad.

Me and my mum, because I don't have a pic with her inside the hall.

After the ceremony, we went outside for a brief photo session because we need to return our robes by 8.30pm that night.

The wind is still blowing very strongly. My grandad couldn't stand it, so they waited inside.

These tulips were give by these two awesome and sweet ladies. You girls are sooooo nice!!

They're still single btw, haha...*wink*

BFF 'till jannah insyaAllah..

One of the joy of going to graduation is of course getting to meet your old classmates. 

This is with my good friend Lauren whom I have missed so much.

After the ceremony and all the photo sessions, we went to Westfield for some dinner at the Penang! restaurant. 

After filling our bellies, we went home. It was such a nice event, especially when you are sharing it with your family and loved ones.

I will cherish this moment forever. 

Until next time...

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