Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Chikara -Teriyaki dish-

Salam and good day everyone!

Yet another food review...I bet now you won't wonder anymore why I've grown so much in a year. Lolz

This restaurant was actually referred by my friend who was staying at Griffon Studios as well. Chikara restaurant is located at Westfield London, White City. You can take a central line tube to Shepherds Bush and just walk for less than 2 minutes to Westfield. The restaurant is located at the center of the mall, where there's a lot of food stalls (like a food court). 

After we ordered, they gave us this phone to call us when our food is done. Cool eh?

I ordered the chicken teriyaki set with home made ice lemon tea.  

My bestie ordered the salmon teriyaki set with the same drink.

The cost for the both meals are the same.

The food was super nice. The rice kind of taste like chicken rice in Malaysia. The portion was filling as well. So be sure you have an empty stomach before coming here. *wink*

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