Saturday, 15 February 2014

1st Outing

The first time I went outing was with a friend of mine that is staying at Griffon Studios as well. Lucky me to find a malay that is staying here. She's doing her PhD in Engineering at Imperial College. She has a friend that has been working and staying in London for 5 years. So, she asked me to come along for sightseeing around London with her old friend.

We wired for her friend here, at the London Bridge Station. It's fairly easy to go there from my house. I took an overgrown train to London Waterloo and took an underground tube.

The building that you see at the back is called The Shard.

I don't really know this friend of hers, and I can't even remember her name *shoot*. So I'll just refer to her as 'the friend'.

So the first thing, 'the friend' took us for some coffee... to kick of the so called tour.

Just beside the café was this market that sells all kinds of fresh bread, veges, poultry and much more.

The markets here are not at all like 'pasar malam' or 'pasar tani' in Malaysia. It's very clean, doesn't smell of meat and blood. urgh~~ The floors don't have puddles (unless if it's raining..duh...) and aren't as dirty.

This is a wabbit...eaa....what's up doc? (not funny when they're dead...isk3...)

I don't really remember the chronology of our sightseeing,  but I do know that we walked... all the way! So I'll just show you pictures of the places that I've been to.

People always  confused this with the London bridge. This is actually the Tower Bridge. Mind you, it is not easy to get a picture or a video of this bridge going up like that. 'The friend' who has been here for 5 years got to see this for the first time with us. Jolly good!!!

The London bridge is actually this one...
Yup! This is it. Dull right? Haha... it is famous... so...* full stop*
This is a castle (obviously...haha). Just beside the tower bridge.
 Inside the castle.
 Outside the castle.
Beside the castle.
Now what building is this again??? (@_@)
I only care of this. cheese...
Hi horsie... Not a good view.
The murky clouds is a normal situation in the UK.

Again..I don't know that building. Google it!
I do know it was featured in Detective Conan comics. heee~~
The bullet shaped building. The ball is just a sculpture which happens to be there for the picture. =P It's made out of scrap metal (screws, pipes and stuff)
Then we went on a rooftop of some mall to take a picture of this...
Then... we kept on walking....

Do you remember this bridge? Those Harry Potter buffs out there might know. Recall Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. =D

The Death Eaters didn't attack today. Yippee....
This street is filled with street performers. Guess what is this guy sitting on? Thin air?

Wooden architecture.

Mommy always say don't play with fire. Maybe this guy's mommy never told him that.

Good day Sir!
This is the LONDON DUNGEON! It's like a haunted house + museum of London history and legends like Jack The Ripper.

You know this one. The Big What??? The girl at back is my friend. Interframe much? Haha... just kidding.

London EYE... Spectacular at night. During New Year, fireworks came out of it.

The Westminster Abbey... where Prince William and Katherine got married. <3

And last..but not least... a go to place for people like us....

Where else if not CHINATOWN. Chinatown here is not like in the US, where all the criminals go to. It is perfectly safe... and loads of Asian/Malaysian food. You can find durian here as well! Haha...
During this hours of walk, we actually managed to see a shift change for the guards (on horse and on foot) at a military centre. But I kind of lost the video.....nooo....
So, this is all that I can dig up from my gallery.
Until next time....

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