Friday, 28 February 2014

Postgrad step-by-step: VISA Application

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This time I'll be talking about how to apply for a student VISA. If you're planning to study abroad, you will need a student VISA. For UK, the agency responsible for VISA application is the UK Boarder Agency (UKBA).

To apply, you need to know which visa to apply for. There are many, I'm telling you.
For students like me, it's tier 4 general visa.  You need to pay 429USD for the payment at the end of your application.
After you've applied online, you need to print out the will automatically print out two copies, one for you and another for when you apply. Then, you need to book an appointment (online as well). The dates that are available for the appointments can sometimes changes. So, if you book today for example, the available date is not for another 3 weeks, try opening it again the next day, there might be an opening earlier.
After you've booked your appointments, you need to make sure you have all the required documents. The documents that you need is the printed Confirmation of Admission (CAS) number from the university that you will be going to, your passport need to be expired in at least 2 years, visa photos (some stores will know if you tell them photos for UK visa)- the picture will have white background, the printed application and TB test results.
For those who applied to study at UK, you need to take a TB screening. TB screening for UK visa application can only be done at a few selected hospitals such as Gleneagles and Lifecare (where I did mine-at PJ, near UM). I paid RM200 for the screening, basically it's just a chest X-ray if you don't have any problems. The screening took less than an hour...and they will give you a UKBA certificate of health with your information at UK (where you'll be living, you uni and such).

You need this piece of paper when you apply for visa.

The day of your appointment, there will be someone that will check your documents, if it's complete, they will give you a number which you will wait for the officer to process your application. They will ask whether you want your visa to be processed as a priority which you will need to pay extra RM300 and you will receive your visa within 3 working days instead of 15. After this process, the will ask you to go to another room.

Here, they will take your picture and your fingerprints. Those who are wearing scarf, make sure you wear dark coloured scarf. After completing everything, they will give a receipt which you need to bring when collecting your visa. After that, you just need to wait.

You can check the progress of your visa application online or you can request for the info to be sent via sms where there's a charge.

To collect your visa, it's only form 10-2pm, Monday to Friday. It's stated on the receipt that you received earlier.  During your visa collection, the security it tighter. No bags is allowed inside, and nobody can accompany you. Only those with the receipt can enter.

To collect, you don't need to queue or wait for your number. Just give your receipt to the counter and they will fetch your visa. Make sure after you've received your passport, you check your visa first to make sure there's no mistake. Next step is just buying your flight tickets and Bon Voyage!

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