Saturday, 15 February 2014

Winter Walk 4 Gaza

Salam y'all!

The day of the actual event had finally come. Walkin' the chillin' cold for a great cause: To help the people in Gaza. You know, just because we are million miles away from Gaza, that doesn't mean that we are unable to help them. A simple donation means a great deal to those people.

This event actually was a while ago. My weeks here has been hectic, and only now got the chance to update my blog.

The winter walk was held at Hyde Park, London. There are 4 other venues for this walk will be held. In Manchaster, yesterday (1st Feb), Birmingham (8th Feb) and Leicester (15th Feb).

As in my previous post, I asked all of you for donations. That's what they ask from those who registered. To raise minimum 100GBP per person. I didn't get that much though, as you can see. But, Alahmdulillah. Jazakumullahulkhair for all your donations....=)

The walk as I said was held at Hyde Park, London. We needed to go through the Hyde park corner gate to go to the registration. Because Hyde Park is soooo big, there are various entrances. So you can imagine just how big it is. Google map it!

The program starts with registration, where they already printed the registered names and arranged registration counters alphabetically according to the surname.

After the registration, the participants will receive a foam hand, a bag filled with bottled water, a banana and an apple (for breakfast I presume) and a map of the route which we will need to return to get our certificate. The map stated our participant number, which I thought to be quite neat and organized.

The registration was from 10.00am to 11.00. We arrived around before 10.30, so we needed to wait for almost half an hour. It was quite chilling when you're just standing and doing nothing.

So... we took pictures to kill the time.

After freezing our tootsies off... the walk finally start. Before that there was a briefing, but I couldn't hear or see anything. So, I'm guessing it's not that important. heh~

During the walk, we enjoyed the most amazing and beautiful scenarios of Hyde Park. If you're ever in London, Hyde Park is one of the place you should visit. Chekidout...

The walk actually takes your breath away, not because of the scenery...5 miles feels sooooo far!!!!!
It took a lot of my energy (just proves how out of shape I am).

These signs were put for each mile and there are many volunteers waiting at checkpoints to show us the right path.

Cute eh? *wink* Gives you motivation to walk. Hahaha...


You cannot imagine the satisfaction to be seeing this sign. Fuh~~ All the walk makes you so hot that you don't fell cold at all. I even felt like taking off my coat, which some participants did!

After finally finishing the walk, we can collect our certificate and FREE lunch.. Yeah!!

This wraps are sponsored by the generous company that made it (I forgot the name).

 It was delicious after a long and tiring walk.

After the walk, the organizer prepared a little show for all of us from a BMX biker and a football player. Don't ask me who, I haven't got a clue! They told us, but I wasn't paying attention due to the tiredness. Haha..



My own personal present. Hahaha... big blue balloon!!

Until next time...

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