Sunday, 16 February 2014

Malaysian Night

A week after my stay in London, there was this big event called Malaysian Night. I was told about the event by my aunt who will be opening a stall there. She opened a Malaysian cooking restaurant at Chinatown.

The event was held at Trafalgar Square, Greater London. To come here, you can go by tube to Charing Cross. I went here with my friend from Griffon. I had class earlier that day, so I just met up with her at the event.

There are many stalls opened selling all kinds of Malaysian food such as roti canal, satay, nasi lemak and many more. There are also stalls selling cooking products and fresh produce that can only be found in Malaysia.

There's also a cooking demonstration when we arrived. I forgot the name of the cook. He was cooking 'ayam masak merah'..=D

I managed to take a picture with him. But I won't put it here. hihi....

There are displays of arts and crafts as well. I don't really understand the purpose of this car in front of KL city centre. The car is smokin' though...=P

I bought roti canal just to try. Not the same though...=(    and craaaazy expensive.

I also tried Char Kun Tow from Rasa Sayang Restaurant, due to recommendations of people here who said the best in London. It was ok, I guess (me and my high standards...huhu...)

There were also performances of traditional dances (what else) and singers who sings with the native languages that can be found in Malaysia... Malay, Tamil and Chinese.

Check this out... my fav oldies...


Sadly, even though this event is Malaysian Night, organized by Malaysians. The awareness to prepare a place to pray for Muslims are still non-existence. We had to pray at the side of a stall that's secluded. But it is still loud (because of the performances) and open for a female. I truly thought they would at least have one place for prayer seeing that Malaysia is so proud to be called an 'Islamic country'.
 After praying, we received this bag from the tent beside our prayer place. It is Malaysian Tourism stall. As we finished praying, suddenly they're handing these bags away. Alhamdulillah...lucky! =D
All in all, it was a fun evening. We went home at around 10pm, then off to bed.

Until next time...

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