Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hola España!

Salam and good day readers!

Remember when I told you that I went to Manchester after the Christmas party? Well, that was because my flight to Spain was from Manchester. Why else? Because it's cheaper of course!

My friends and I planned to go to Spain for the winter break, which is from 14th to 19th of December (our trip..not the winter break). We flew with Ryanair. My friend found this flight as to be the cheapest flight to Malaga, Spain. Only £ 71.16 for return flights. I could've got a cheaper flight, but I bought the tickets quite late.


We went to Manchester at 1 am on the 14th because our flight ticket was at 4.50pm.

We went to Manchester by Megabus (the cheapest bus fare you can find). I bought 2 one way tickets to Manchester for only £ 12. You can actually find tickets as low as  £1 if you're travelling alone.

This bus is amazing!! Not only that it's cheap, the service is first class... there'll be someone waiting to help with you luggage and this little thing on board.... tech savvies will love this. So did I!! and a john for those who have small bladder. =P

We arrived fairly early in the morning, so we had to meet up with our friends at their house. We took one bus, where the stop is not that near to where we arrived.

My friends' house is very nice... and it's cheap... comparing to London, everything's cheap.


 She lived here with another 2 roommates. But they're not coming with us to Spain. They're already on a trip to Italy.

We went to the city to buy some last minute supplies. Her house is only 10 minutes to the city centre by bus. While my friends were busy shopping, I went for a photo shoot with Zahirrah. =D


The wind is very strong here. Couldn't get a nice picture without a blowing scarf. (-_-")


Afterwards, we went to grab some lunch at this place, where they sell a set of pizza/sub with drinks and a cinnabun at a fairly cheap price. This is the freshly baked buns....mouthwatering~~



This is original flavour.


This is the chocolate flavour. These makes me hungry...


After lunch, we went back to my friends' house to get packin'. We met up with the rest of the group to go to the airport together..


Group shot...

This is in the transit bus at the airport taking us to our plane...


 Our flight...=D


 After 3 hours and a half, we touched down at Malaga International Airport...

Until next time....


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