Monday, 13 April 2015

Den Haag (The Hague)

Salam and good day!

After our trip in Amsterdam for two whole days, we went to visit the Hague. The drive took about 50 minutes to an hour.

I've booked an accommodation called Studio Hotel on Javastraat. The parking here is so hard to find and expensive!! It cost €2.10/hour at the main road (which is in front of the hotel) and €1.50/hour here.

So we parked our car here to unload our luggages. The tracks that you see on the grass are for trams. It's so unique that the trams are on grass at the side of the road like that rather than on roads, like in most places that I've been to.

After freshening up, we went out again to visit the beach.

It's beautiful. Maybe because we haven't been to a beach in a very long time. The restaurants along the beach have these seats. It'll be cool to seat here and dine. 

The wind and weather is just nice for a visit to the beach

Is that black pearl I see?? huhu

This place is called Scheveningen Pier. There's actually many activities that you can do here. But because we arrived quite late, there's only time for strolling.


Just be careful when you play with the sand because there's quite a few dogs that's strolling along here too. They want a piece of the beach too! =D

I have no idea what this building is. But because it looks so nice, we took a picture of it. hehe...

See the arrangement of the restaurants along the beach. So nice!

I so wish I could dine here in front of this fire...

After the beach, we decided to go around the city. There's not a lot to see here actually, unless you enjoy watching buildings, which you can only enjoy for a few hours anyway. We parked our car and went to a nearby park.

There's hardly anyone at the park already because it's getting dark and freezing!

Poor swan...all alone. It came towards me asking for food... idea what building this is..=P

We found rabbits here!

There were so many of them roaming around freely. When they see us approaching, they ran towards their holes..

I managed to approach this one baby rabbit. It doesn't seem to want to run along its brothers and sisters, even its mother has ran first. So cute!!

As it was getting darker, we went out from the park just as the guards were about to close the gates. 

We took a short stroll along the street and found a coffee shop. My friend notice the coffee shop had a bouncer in front. When we were busy staring at the shop, a guy greeted us and said, 'it's a coffee shop' and some other guys nearby burst out laughing. The guy continued, 'you should try it!' while smiling mischievously.

FYI, here in Netherlands, marijuana (cannabis) is legal. They sell those at coffee shops such as the one we saw. 

After that, we just returned to our car to avoid any trouble.

Until next time...

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