Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Unfortunate Event

Salam and good day!

Coming back to my Netherlands trip, on our last day at Amsterdam, we decided to explore the beautiful place where we stayed that morning. 

We were greeted by a bunny in the morning. huhu...

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise. 

The sun overlooking the pier. It's just breathtaking.

Such a nice weather for a stroll

However, we decided to cycle instead. huhu...

At Landelijk Cottage, the bicycle can be used for free!!


Group wefie on bicycles, which is very difficult to do if you're not used to cycling. 


We passed by harbors. Look at the number. [5][4] as in..5th of April..hehe..what are the odds we chose this boat to take a picture with. =D

Resting after a tiresome cycle. It's tiring because I'm carrying my bestie on the back. Fuh~~ She's heavy. haha...JK

This is a pelican? There were quite a few at this area.

Right, as the title implied..there was an unfortunate event occured while we were happily cycling about. I found this road leading to the back which has this beautiful scenery. So I asked my friends to go there. Little that we know, there was a huge guard dog, guarding what we think are the cows inside the barn nearby.

When we cycled to the back, it was alright, the dog just sniffed and followed, though we were quite scared at that moment. But when we were heading back out, we were scared enough already because we know that the dog will follow us, plus we can see the dog already stood guard, waiting for us.

So we cycled, faster than before, and the dog charged! My bestie whom I was carrying at the back of my bicycle (I could only imagined how she must've felt) screamed when the dog jumped while running towards us and I lost control of the bike. We fell. 

The funny thing is, when we fell, the dog just walked away like nothing happenned. Choi!! We ended up with scraped knees and my bestie twisted her ankle and had to walk in agony for the rest of the trip.

This is what the dog (kind of) looked like. It's BIG! The same height if you sat on the back of the bike. So imagine my bestie's horror. haha...

Later that day, my bestie said she saw a sign of a dog at the entrance, but the wording was all in dutch so she thought the dog must be indoor or chained at least. Plus the picture of the dog was cute and smiley. Not like this..

So she didn't think twice when we went in. Now we know better. It was definitely an unforgettable event. As the malay saying goes, tempat jatuh lagi dikenang

Until next time...

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