Monday, 20 April 2015

Zaans Schans

Salam and good day!

After we went to Keukenhof, we visited Zaans Schans or also known as the Dutch Village.

As you might already know, Netherlands are known for their windmills. This is the place to go to see loads of it.

As you enter, you will see this uncle. He will take a picture of you. Just agree. You don't have to pay. They will prepare your picture and you can choose to either buy them or not on your way out. €10 for an A5 picture, two small picture with a calendar. So you can put your picture in the calendar and see it all year long. huhu...

This place is like a centre for all traditional things in Netherlands such as the clog making museum.

As you enter, there are a lot of history about the clogs.

Clogs of the world. Terompah!!! But it stated as from Indonesia..I guess it is true.

After seeing old ones, you want a taste of new ones too..

Modern clogs. can find one in nike, adidas and ajax brand. =P

The dutch actually wear these. Not so comfy though. They're heavy.

As we arrived, they held a demonstration of how they make clogs using these machines. Did you know after they finish shaping the clogs from a block of wood, the clog is very wet. When the staff blew inside the clog, water rushed out from the clog. Cool eh? 

They prepared logs for people to sit while enjoying the demo.

Inside the museum, there's also stores selling all kinds of modern clogs with leather covers instead of wood and of course souvenirs. I think my dad bought me a couple of these dutch dolls when I was young. Not sure whether my mum still keep 'em.

Signs on the exit. Notice anything familiar? I don't know which language says sampai jumpa. I think they mean sampai jumpa 'lagi'. =P

After that, we visited the cheese making museum.  

Where the milk kept in the olden days. You know dutch lady right? Where do you think they came from? 

This is a demo where they make the cheese. I didn't get a chance to see this because it wasn't the time of the demo when we arrive.

We just went to the shop and grab some samples. The smoked cheese is to die for!!

Outside of the cheese museum, there's this weird looking building. I think it's made out of the material usually used for rooftops.

Angry hens nearby. huhu...

The scenery here is just spectacular. However the wind is way too strong. 

We even saw a married couple taking their wedding photos here. Great place for a photoshoot.

Profile picture...hehe

Afterwards, we went to the chocolate factory. Dutch is well known for their cocoa as well. The smell here, fuh...makes you longing for chocolates immediately.

You can make your own hot/cold chocolate drink. It's simple. The staff will help to add some more milk or water to make it taste better. Nyum3...

There are various home made chocolate that you can choose as well.

These are among the houses in the village. I've only read about this place in the magazine before. Never thought that I would have the chance to come here myself. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity.

The houses here are separated by canals. There are roads or pathway, but the houses are surrounded by water.

This garden must be beautiful during mid spring. The flowers hasn't bloomed yet at this time.

Taking all of the beauty in. Love to try and live here. Maybe to retire someday. huhu...

Honey..I'm going to work now.

The name of the street in front of the house. Try searching for it in Google maps.

See, they use boats as a mean of transportation here. Well, not anymore I guess. 

Path of womping willows..

The point of this picture is to show the hollowed tree. 


This used to be a museum where they will show you the arts and craft of making a barrel the traditional way.


It says Tiemstra's Coopery. The Coopery displays the fully outfitted workshop of barrel-making company S.R. Tiemstra & Sons from Oostzaan.

After visiting Zaans Schans, we head out to find some food. Using the old navi system, we found a halal shop nearby, just 1.5mile from there. We didn't get a chance to take a picture of the shop because we were so starving and tired. The location of the shop does not look like a typical restaurant. It's located among houses and even the shop looks like a house. We almost missed it.

My bestie and I ordered the Turkish pizza. We thought it would look like a pizza, but this is what it looks like. It kind of looks like a wrap. However...the inside is like this..

wooha! filled with pizza topping (in this case, filling?) cheese, salami, pepper, you name it! And the taste is yummeah!! After stuffing our faces, we head back for a good rest. 

Until next time...

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