Monday, 6 April 2015

Keukenhof- Tulips Heaven

Salam and good day!

When you go to Amsterdam during Spring, it's only natural that you visit Keukenhof to go and see the tulips. Tulips only bloom during spring and only in certain parts of the world. Holland is most famous for their tulips especially in Keukenhof. 

That morning, we got up early to see the sunset, which we missed, of course. haha...but we managed to see this instead.

We took a picture of the surrounding places

A gazebo with a cute table setting on the side. So nice.

This is the road leading to our car park. On the left is another village hotel.

When we left our house, this cat started following me. 

We reached Keukenhof around 9am which was about 30 minutes drive from our cottage.

When we arrived, there were only about almost one full row of cars and a few tour buses. A lot of Asian tourist. 

A picture with the tulips is a must!

The time of year that we came here is not the optimal time. A lot of the tulips and flowers are still budding. They will reach full blossom in late April to mid May.

Beautiful sceneries of the park

This is Willem-Alexander building where they showcase multiple types of flowers. Most abundant are of course, tulips.

Photo sessions...

Pots seating

The view on the outside

I don't really know the significant of this bunny here in Keukenhof, but I found quite a few of them.

Who wants to sit up here?

Even the table and seats are unique which adds up to the awesomeness of this place.

Waffles. Wrong country to have this..huhu

Should eat this instead. Dutch waffles. They're crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The outer part is like a wafer, put together with caramel filling. Yum!

The all famous windmill

You can go upstairs if you want. It's free!!

There's a gate to avoid unnecessary accidents.

This thing was built on 4th April 1957. 


This humongous shoe or clogs are all over the park. Some of them you can put your feet in. This is a full body size. haha...

There are small boat cruise that you can take (usually opens in May) that will take you around the park. We just took pictures on the boat.

Swank green houses.

Even the bridges are amazingly interesting.

Awesome decor along the park

There is also a petting zoo here

There's sheeps,

Goats..friendly ones


and of course..chickens. There are piglets too..but I didn't take their pictures. Poor little things. huhu..

Old ye pump. Water anyone?

That's about it. We didn't cover the whole park because we were rushing to go elsewhere. The park is quite big. You may need a day to spend the time here. 

There are various souvenir shops you can find around the area. Outside at the entrance, you can find a shop that sold seeds of the flowers including the tulips. So we bought some for €5 (they have 3 buds), but it will only bloom next year. Which is fine for us. There are some that already started to bud or fresh flowers that you can buy, but we wanted to try and grow them ourselves. Fingers crossed. hehe...

Until next time...

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