Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Big Yellow Storage

Salam and good day readers!

As I've moved out from my house at Griffon Studios, I was staying at a friend's place until I go back to Malaysia. While I'm there for two and a half months, I had to search for a space to store all of my stuff, which is quite a lot and because I didn't want to intrude my stay at my friends'.

I searched around the web and find a few choices. Here in London, there are actually quite a lot of choices for storing you personal or business stuff. The one that I chose is called Big Yellow Self-Storage. The cost to store your stuff between the different storage companies are not much different, so I chose the one that's most reliable and nearest to my friend's house.

The storage is actually located all over UK. It has free parking for customers.

The place is huge and very clean.

The storage fee is according to the size of the space used.

This is for 10sqft space (equivalent to London phone booth)

It's actually quite big. We still have some space left on top. Maybe I can buy some more stuff to add...huhu

The lock can either use your own or buy from them with £13,50 each. You can choose to use the key type padlock or numbered lock.

To use the lift, you need to key-in the password that you chose while checking in online. If you didn't, when you open your storage door, the alarm will go off.

These trolleys are also provided here which is super convenient.

I would recommend others to use this facility. It really does help to ease storing your stuff safely.

They'll provide this guide for you as well. 

I can't wait to go back home...

Until next time...

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