Friday, 17 January 2014

On the first day of Xmas...

Salam and good day!

You know that I've only recently started writing. So I've been piling every story..every experience that I've had previously. Some may be backdated, but, you may find them interesting.

So this time, I want to tell you about my experience attending a Christmas Party. heeee~~

The party was organized by my department (Dept. of Surgery and Cancer). It was held on the last day before the Christmas break (13th Dec if I'm not mistaken). I was excited because this would be the first time I'll be attending a Christmas party. The theme was 'Nightmare Before Christmas'. You know the story right? This is just a way to recycle Halloween deco and minimize Christmas deco. Smart eh?

I didn't get a chance to dress up because I have class on the same day. Which turned out to be good as well because I can just stay until the party starts. The party was not grand, it's just to mingle with other people in the department. It was humbly decorated. Tit bits is a must in a party.

Some people took the trouble to dress up. Like the lady inside the red circle, very creative. She used the bio-disposal bag from the lab. Hahaha... Some are more impressive. But I didn't get their pics.

Me, Sandra, Zahirrah..p.s: the presents are empty..

 Oh Christmas tree..oh Christmas tree...lalalala~

  Ignore that silly ghost at the side

 Simple but nice deco right?

After the party, Zahirrah and I had to be ready to go to Manchester. It's the beginning of our holiday.... and we're off to Spain!

More about that in other post.

Until next time.

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