Sunday, 19 January 2014

Winter Wonderland + New Year Celeb

Salam and good day y'all!

A wonderful thing to share with all of you this time. From before Christmas up to after new year, there's a theme park at Hyde Park called Winter Wonderland.

See the rides inside the red circle. Those are the most thrilling ones. 

I went together with my bestie during New Year's eve. The plan was... go to WW, have fun for a couple of hours, then head off to Central London for New Year's countdown.
The tree talks!! hahaha...

As we arrived, we changed to some tokens for the rides. There's plenty of thrilling rides, but because of the cold weather and my condition being under the weather, I didn't want to take the chance. I might hurl on the rides...(@_@)

This ride surely will make you hurl. urgh~

This looks just like the one in Roller Coaster Tycoon...(^_^)

The first ride that we went on was the wild mouse XL. The ride don't have any loop that'll make you hurl, but it was wild enough to make you feel like you're about to be thrown off. Enough to get your adrenaline pumping. It was my friend's first time riding a roller coaster, she just kept her head down. But where's the fun in that, you shout your lungs out. That's what I did, until my throat fell like it got thrown off. Haha...

Then we went to try our luck at the 'hook a bag' booth because that's the only booth that ensures you get something. Luckily, my bff hooked a bag with a silver star in it which gave her a bigger price, hence the huge teddy.... lucky girl!

Santa's Toy Factory

After that, we went on the Haunted Mansion ride that my friend insisted on going. Around the rides, there's this guy walking around scaring people off. i asked him to make a scary face...not so scary after all..

The ride was ok. I just hate the part where these guys follow you on the back carriage and kept scaring you from back to side. Stop it!!! See the red circle? I kept shouting and hitting them every time they tried to grab the teddy.

We became friends after that. Hahaha... no hard feelings.

I tried to show off my 'skills' at the archery game. Surprisingly, I suck! heh~ 

I did managed to hit one balloon though. tadaaa...

They have mobile cash machines here, which is very convenient. 

After we had our fun, we head off to the viewing area for the Annual New Year Fireworks Display at the London Eye. It's said to be the best and biggest display in the world.

From the web, it said to be at the viewing area b4 10pm. We got there before 9 and it's already full!! There were still tens of thousands of people still didn't get a chance to get in. The guards told us we may be able to see from the city, so we took our chance because we've walked that far.

Alhamdulillah, luckily we found a spot that we can view the firework clearly (even though quite far). We arrived at the spot at 10.30, so we have to sit and wait for 1½ hours with the cold. Just before midnight, it rained...

For the sake of these fireworks. It was worth it! Enjoy....

Until next time..

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