Tuesday, 14 January 2014

LONDON part 1

I had the greatest opportunity to study at Imperial College London for masters in Reproductive and Developmental Biology. It's a mouthful course...I know. =P

If you want to test your patience, it's either get married, have a kid, or study abroad. I'm telling you, the process will give you migraines for a week! But, I'm not talking about that today. It's all about the good news. (^_^)
I depart on the 26th Sept. My family sent me to KLIA. Everyone was controlling their 'macho'ness not trying to shed a drop of tear. Hahaha... My niece couldn't understand at the time. The day after I left, she asked for me..silly girl... only when I'm not there she searched for me. Or else she wouldn't even bother..haish~

I flew by emirates 'coz that's the only cheap flight that I can find at the time. It was amazing that emirates was cheaper than MAS.

I found the flight to be somewhat luxurious. I don't remember the exact amount of my flight, but it was over RM2k. But still, 3 meals, they gave us hot towels before take off, to me that was pampering enough. It's just too bad that my flight to Dubai,  I had to seat at the tail, which was near to the lavatory. (not very pleasant). Plus, the girlfriend of a couple who sat next to me got sick and start vomiting *urgh*

But the flight to London was the best! My 4 seat row was empty...I thought of laying down, then there's a women from other row just simply took my laying spot without even asking. So rude!

I had to lay-over Dubai for 4 hours. The time then was around past midnight, so I  just  prayed and slept while waiting. I just browsed the tax-free stores as I was searching for the gate... too tired to window shop. Such a pity...* sigh*

Funny story when I arrived, I had to take the train to go to my temporary accommodation. I can't go to my hostel because the registration is only open on the 28th. They made it very clear that we can't stay before the stated date. So, I took the train from the airport (not knowing what train that was), just know where to go, but not how to get there.

I tried to search for my station from the map, but if you ever seen London train maps, you'll know what I mean when I say 'whatthe****'!!! So the short version is that, I got lost. I don't know until which station only I got off and change back. All I know is that I was no longer in London. (-_-")

See the bag? That happened when a nice 'gentle' man tried to help me with my bag to board the train. He tore off the handle, while pulling the bag towards the train. And, the airport already broken off the side handle. Due to the damage, the bags are not held up properly, thus the wheels aren't functioning. I had to drag this weight with all the energy that I had in me plus the jetlag, airport----- train----- train-----hostel. p.s: not all stations have escalators/lifts. Stairs people!!  

I saw some people stared, maybe with sympathy... or maybe just plain old 'ridiculed' look. It's my first time man! So what?! I was just too tired to be thinking of others.

I finally arrived at Bayswater, which is where I'll be staying the night. I made a reservation (paid) beforehand with MARA Hostel to stay there, but when I got there, the girl in charge said there's no room available because I confirmed my reservation late *booo!!*. I was devastated, shocked, angry all in one. I still haven't received my reimbursement until now!!

I left my bags there (coz I'm not dragging that bag all over London!)... I called my mum at Barclays (they have free WiFi....=D). She told me to find a place nearby... it's just for one night after all, and I found this:

 This is Felda Luxurious Apartment  The Grand Plaza. Luckily they have a room for £90 (that's the cheapest. Erk!!). Alhamdulillah....I was so grateful that all my worries went away. This is the room by the way. Quite snazzy isn't it. £90 beb! Will only stay here once. (*_*)

I had to buy a new bag to replace the broken one. Bought this at Bayswater for £50. There's many shops in Bayswater by the way. Many Halal restaurants, shops etc. There's Whitley's Shopping Centre too. If you're ever in London, to come here, you can go by tube, District Line (stop at Bayswater St.) or Central Line (stop at Queensway St.).
Tube is the most convenient way to travel in London. For someone like me, double decker bus would be the cheapest way to go. But that, I'll tell you at another time.
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HaSa said...

MasyaAllah. Dasyatnya survive seorang diri di hari pertama. Awat takdek Malaysian tolong jemput kat airport? -.-

Siti Aminah Muhammad Imran said...

haha...alhamdulillah..still survive. xde kenal sape2 masa datang sini. tu la xde orang jemput. bila da duduk dua tiga minggu baru tau ada makcik yang da lama duduk sini. =P

HaSa said...

He, papepun tahniah! Enjoy your student life myn :). Mmg super seronok dpt experience baru di tempat org, appreciate every moment. tulis n simpan byk2 dlm blog, boleh belek2 di hari tua..hihih. May Allah ease your way :)