Sunday, 19 January 2014


Salam and good day readers!

Winter Walk for Gaza is an annual event organized by a charity organization called Muslim Hands. This year, the event will take place at four different locations:

This is my first time joining this event, so I'm quite excited.

Those who registered need to raise a sum of minimum £100. I can't achieve that without your gracious help. It's very easy actually. If you want to make a donation, just click on this link and you will be reverted to my fundraising page.

Once you're there, just click on the donation button on the top right hand corner(the red circle)

 Then it'll take you to this page  

Choose the amount that you wish to donate and the currency. You may choose to be anonymous or not and whether you want your donation to be displayed or not. Then click continue, you will see this page:

Here you just need to fill in your payment option. Rest assure any information given is highly confidential. The page will keep your info secured.

After that you will go to this page where you need to fill in your address. Your address is needed for the gift aid that I will explain after this.

After you key in you address and click continue, this page will appear. Make sure the Gift Aid box is ticked.

Gift Aid is a UK government scheme. It's like tax return, allowing charities to claim back 25% from every donation. How does it work? Well, if you donate £100 and tick the Gift Aid box, the charity (in this case Muslim Hands) will receive £125 without you having to pay more. Neat right!

For the past few years, this event has helped Ad-Durrah Hospital to treat children in Gaza, provide mobile medical clinics and psychosocial centre support. With a few contributions from you, children in Gaza have a chance to live a normal and healthy life.

Piece of cake right? A small act of kindness really can make a difference.

I thank you in advance for your contributions. May Allah repay you for your kindness.

Until next time. 

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