Saturday, 5 April 2014

B'Day Celeb/ Capt. America

Salam and good day readers!!

Today...5th April 2014 is my 26th Birthday! Alhamdulillah...praises be to Allah for having the opportunity to celebrate my birthday, to be blessed everyday for the past years.

My friends and I planned to watch a movie on the 4th. The original plan was to watch Rio 2 because it starts viewing in UK that day. I thought it was so perfect to start my birthday celebration. huhu...But then, I couldn't find the tix of Rio 2 at a nearby cinema, so we went and watched Captain America : The Winter Soldier instead. weehuu....

I bought the tix for viewing at 9pm because I was afraid that I would get back late from the lab. We went to VUE at Westfield London at around 8.15 and get our tix that I booked earlier online. It costs about 15pounds each because I choose the Xtreme viewing (Supposed to have a more extreme effect in watching action movies....I thought it was the same compared with a normal viewing..=P)

Buying some refreshments...=D


Quite nice right? (^_^)

After viewing

We were in screen 7...=D

The movie was great. Some plots that I did not expect. The best part is, I'm so looking forward to see the next one!'s seemed to be even more interesting. jeng..jeng...jeng...

The movie ended at about 11.40pm. Before going home, we took the chance to snap some photos because there's no one around!

My bestie was preparing a 'surprise' birthday celeb for me back at her house. I bought KFC earlier because I've been longing to eat this for so long, dunno why. heh~

She bought this sweet.....(^_^)

The store misspelled my name..haish~

She invited another colleague that we met before that's staying in the same building. She's Malaysian as well...

We stayed and talked for so was a very nice and simple celebration among friends. I just love it!

Afterwards, we spent a little time playing UNO and Snooker until 3am...*erk*

Thank you for all the wishes and prayers from all. God Bless!

My niece, Aimy Zafirah singing Happy Birthday to Maksu..=3

Until next time...

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