Wednesday, 2 April 2014

UKEC 2014

Salam and good day y'all.

UKEC is short for UK Graduan Career Fair (doesn't suit the abbreviation..=P). It was held last Sunday at Lancaster Hotel. To go there, just take the central line train to Lancaster Gate. It's located behind the station.

It started around 9am till 6pm. But my bestie and I went there around noon because the companies involved are not related to our course. Most are offering accountants and management jobs. 

We went there just to browse around and get some experience. 

Most of the people that came dressed so corporately with coats and all. My bestie and I just wore plain 'ol jeans and a shirt. They wore smartly probably because this event held a few interviews from companies involved. They asked you to upload a CV on the web and the company that interested in you will call you up for an interview. We didn't get any..=(

Well duh....our course was not related at all! 

These are some of the companies that came. My sole intention to come here was to collect the goody bags. hahaha!!

Nestle..They gave a pack of Milo cereal drink, Nestum drink, either adabi fried rice mix or chicken soup cube..a memo pad and a pouch that I now use as a pencil case

Sunway...they only gave pens and memo pads. boooriiing...but I did get some insights on their healthcare bit of the company. Maybe somewhat involved... jobs perhaps

Teach for Malaysia. Me? A teacher? Naaaahhh...

Pharmaniaga...related with my BSc. Good prospect. Maybe...They gave a bag which I use everyday to the lab now. huhu....and many more. We even attended their talk. 

Very interested to work at they Saudi Arabia branch. huhu...

Celcom/Axiata. Boorring...I thought their goodies would be amazing. Just some lame pad. They didn't even give it to all. Just candidates. Booo.... heh~ idea etc etc...*yawn*

Most banks like Maybank and CIMB of course they want finance and accountancy background. But the sad thing is, even a talk that was supposedly for MARA students also mostly about accountancy, just because the speaker, Dato' Seri Abdul Wahid Omar (Minister in PM office) was ACCA background. Such bias. Even most the companies were recruiting these graduates. Which to me is super unfair because the government kept sending Science based students overseas, but they come home to minimal to zero job opportunities. What can they look for? Becoming a lecturer. urgh..

So I didn't enjoy this talk as much. 

Other companies...

Off we go...

After getting bored and hungry, we went for dinner at my 'Mak Lang's' restaurant at Chinatown...

She had an upgrade of the store. Business must be very good eh...

That day's special was supposed to be Mee rebus and Asam laksa. But I just had the everyday Nasi Lemak due to starvation...=P

My Pak Lang gave me this fried red fish for FREE....hehe..the perks of having relatives opening a food joint. Yummy!!!

This is him with my cuz whom I just met on that day..hahaha...We bumped into each other at Rasa Sayang (NOT my Mak Lang's place) restaurant. Another famous Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown. This place is famous for their 'Char Kue Teow'. I won't recommend any of you to come here though.

To dine-in, you have to spend minimum 8 pounds (it was stated at the entrance 6 pounds though). So you can't really just eat something light. It's like you're forced to spend at least 8 pounds! I mean...what???!!

The service to me was not good because the waitress just kept running everywhere (very difficult to get a hold of) and the way they speak to customers just terrible. And my friend wanted to 'tapau' their food but were charged extra for the casing. I have NEVER experience that in any other restaurants here in the UK. Total cost was 40.40 pounds for 4 people. I just ate 4 chicken wings. Come on....Will NEVER come here ever again!

That's all for the day

Until next time....


YanaUjang said...

kecik ati mak lang baca entry awk..haha tp bagus gak klu dia baca..boleh improve kan...

klu kt mesia hall dia punya waiter bagus..layan cust pn nice sgt..toke je yg kerek..kehkeh terbalik pulak kan.. :)

Siti Aminah Muhammad Imran said...

Aiks! Bukan Mak Lang nye kedai la yg xbagus tu. Restoran Rasa Sayang. Mak Lang nye tip top. everytime ada org dtg london mesti adek akan bwk g kedai dia. n everytime dtg kedai dia mesti ada benda free....haha!!!