Monday, 28 April 2014

Lobster Lunch!!! Nyum Nyum Nyum

Salam and good day readers!

Last Sunday, my beastie and I went to hunt for some lobsters for lunch. Hahaha!! Sounds like we went to the sea...

No sailor! It's easy and simple now. You can get 2 medium sized lobsters with 2 sides for just 20 pounds at Burger & Lobster Restaurant. I found out from a friend of mine that posted her picture via Facebook. So I went straight on the next day. =D

If you Google, there's actually a few that you can find in London. But I went to the one on Dean Street. If you stop at Tottenham Court Road Station through the Central Line, go to the south exit of the station and head to the left. You will see Dean Street on the left after 5 minutes walking. Go straight and you'll find the restaurant on the left hand side.

Beside Dean Street there's a place called Soho. It's like a small park. It was so beautiful at that time because flowers are starting to bloom. 

We arrived just 2 minutes before 12 and the place opened at 12. So lucky! So we immediately got a seat and didn't have to wait for so long.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. As I said before, the price for the lobster with the shell cost 20 pounds together with fries and salad sides. They have 2 choices of main course other than the lobster in shell which are lobster with roll and burger. Simple menu right?

For Lobster in shell they will give you an apron coz it'll get messy.... this stick to pull out the lobster.

We also ordered drinks... Iced tea with Lemon, apricot and some other citrus fruits in it. It wasn't that good though and it costs 4.50 each.

This is the lobster....tadaaa....

I'm ready to eat!!!!

You have a choice for the sauce either Lemmon and garlic or plain butter. Choose lemon and garlic of course!!! soooo gooood.....
The lobster's 'meat' is chewy and somewhat soft...I don't know how to explain it in more details. The meat just come right off the shell... so tender and juicy
The restaurant got packed for just a few minutes after opening.

There's also people waiting to be seated outside. So if you want to come here, do like I did. Arrive just before opening. Hehe...

After lunch, we went to Chinatown which is just at the end of the same road. We bought Chastime to rinse our throats. We were lucky again because there weren't a lot of people here. Usually there will always be a line until outside of the store except for today...* feeling blessed*

After we had our drink, we thought to search for the bus stop that had Pepsi max advert for April Fool. Very cool...

So we went to search at Oxford street.... Found some other interesting stuff. This bus is actually at New Oxford Street. Totally different place. From Oxford street, just walk straight towards east..heading to Holborn station/ Russel Square. So..we didn't find it in the end...haha...silly...

We went and bought ice cream to quench our thirst.

 And we found this band which I forgot from which organization. it's a church or worship org. of some sort.

 The played some songs, and preach in between. Smart and interesting way of spreading the word eh? Have a listen.

There's this cute baby street performer too...haha

of course it's not a real baby...duh~~

That's all for now

Until next time....

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